75 Travel Destinations That Need To Be On Your Bucket List!

Maybe you have a bucket list of your own, maybe you haven’t got one written down (a checklist makes sure you actually visit them as opposed to thinking ‘one day I will go there’).  Here is the ultimate bucket list combining the world’s most coveted cityscapes, awe-inspiring natural wonders and must-see spots in one simple selection so you can start planning where to go next!  In no particular order….

Petra at night

  1. Langkawi, Malaysia – For beach bliss, relaxation, gorgeous food and lush rainforest
  2. Petra, Jordan – Too see impressive ancient buildings carved in to giant red cliffs
  3. Antarctica – To see penguins, whales and polar bears in natural habitat
  4. Erta Ale, Ethiopia – Visit one of the most tectonic areas in the world so see insane rock formations of the Dankali Depression and a lava lake inside a volcano.
  5. Reykjavik, Iceland – From the capital you can dive the gap where three tectonic plates meet, see seals and puffins and explore mighty lava tubes.
  6. Madagascar - Laze on incredible beaches, see animals found nowhere else in the world and marvel at the Avenue of the Baobabs where strange, incredibly old tree grow.
  7. Komodo, Indonesia – Visit the home of the Komodo Dragon.  These giant lizards can grow up to 3 meters and are only found on a few islands in Indonesia.
  8. Panjin, China – Be captivated by the incredible ‘Red Beach’ which is the biggest wetland area in the world, famous for its landscape turning red.
  9. Nagano, Japan – See the snow monkeys soaking in natural hot springs to keep warm in the winter.
  10. Cano Cristales, Colombia – Deep in the Jungle way off the tourist track is the river of 7 colours (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange and pink).  This one of a kind natural wonder will have you in awe of nature.
  11. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – These epic salt flats in Bolivia show remarkable reflections of the sky so it looks like you are encompassed by it. It’s also home to flamingoes.

    Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

  12. Lake Hillier, Australia – It’s a huge bright pink lake, need we say more?
  13. Lake Natron, Tanzania – This surreal lake and landscape is something out of this world; its red crackled surface and yellow surrounding shores are unreal – but it’s scolding hot and very acidic so now swimming!
  14. Waitomo, New Zealand – Enjoy a boat ride in pitch black with only the glow worms are light. Truly beautiful!
  15. Patagonia, South America – To walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs on the metamorphic Perito Moreno Glacier.
  16. Xi’an, China – To see the Terracotta Army
  17. Maasai Mara, Kenya – To witness the Great Migration.
  18. Pompeii, Italy – For a legendary snapshot of ancient Roman life.
  19. Yellowstone National Park, USA – For the eruptions of Old Faithful.
  20. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – To see wildlife that exists nowhere else on the planet  
  21. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany  - For one of the most romantic buildings on the planet.
  22. The Andaman Coast, Thailand  – For some of the most celebrated beaches in the world.
  23. The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia – For the shimmering waterfalls and beautiful backcountry.
  24. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia – To swim in the company sea turtles and hundreds of multi coloured tropical fish.
  25. Las Vegas, USA – To blow your whole bankroll in just one night!
  26. Giza, Egypt – To wonder at the majesty of the Great Pyramid.
  27. Havana, Cuba – To smoke cigars in the company of 1950s Cadillacs.
  28. The Mekong River, Vietnam – To ride a longboat into Vietnam.  
  29. Machu Picchu, Peru – To hike the iconic Inca trail.
  30. Beijing, China - For the UNESCO-attested Forbidden City.
  31. Stonehenge, UK – To celebrate the summer solstice.
  32. Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland – To never forget.
  33. Chengdu, China - To see some of the planet’s last remaining pandas.
  34. Amsterdam, Netherlands  – To wander the canals and coffee shops.
  35. Bangkok, Thailand – To sample barbequed crickets between the clubs of Khao San Road.
  36. Chichen Itza, Mexico  – To witness the legendary serpent effect on El Castillo.
  37. Bora Bora – For the tropical beaches and misty hills.
  38. Bali, Indonesia – To surf the swells of Bingin Beach and Kuta.
  39. Sydney Harbour, Australia – For New Year of course!
  40. Edinburgh, UK – For another New Year of course!
  41. The Maldives – To relax on the beaches before they disappear forever.
  42. Angkor Wat, Cambodia – To marvel at the Khmer temples.
  43. Moscow, Russia – For the rises of Red Square and the beginning of the Trans-Siberian train.

    Northern Lights

  44. Lapland, Scandinavia - To spy out the Northern Lights above.
  45. Lhasa, Tibet – To explore the temples and the Tibetan ‘place of the gods’.
  46. Budapest, Hungary – To bask in the hot baths while snow falls all around.
  47. Naples, Italy  – To sample pizza in the home of pizza.
  48. Marrakech, Morocco – To get lost in the medieval medina town.
  49. Darjeeling, India – To taste the freshest tea leaves in the world.
  50. Sumatra, Indonesia – To spot endangered tigers in the rainforests.
  51. London, UK – For Big Ben, St Pauls et al.
  52. Kerala, India  – For some of the best curries on the planet.
  53. Rome, Italy  – For the Colosseum, the Vatican and the bubbling piazzas of the Eternal City.
  54. Gilgit, Pakistan – To hike the mighty Mountain range of the Karakorams.
  55. Krakow, Poland – To get lost between he gothic churches and hidden vodka bars.
  56. Prague, Czech Republic – To sample unpasteurised beer at its finest.
  57. Cancun, Mexico  – To party with the Spring Breakers. 

    Bora Bora

  58. Bora Bora - To relax on stunning beaches, snorkelling and to be surrounded by beautiful mountain backdrops.
  59. Sri Lanka – For the surf and the elephants and epic temples
  60. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – To laze on Copacabana in the shadow of the sugarloaf.
  61. Vancouver, Canada  – To ski the slopes of Whistler-Blackcomb.
  62. Snowdonia, UK – To see what inspired Wordsworth.
  63. The French Alps, France  – To ski the pistes of the 3 Valleys—the largest ski field in the world.
  64. Kruger National Park, South Africa  – To spot the African Big Five.
  65. Tanzania - To see the silhouette of mighty Kilimanjaro.
  66. New York City, USA – To climb the Empire State.
  67. Venice, Italy  – To drift down the canals on a gondola.
  68. Jerusalem, Israel  – To see the glistening Dome of the Rock.
  69. Barcelona, Spain - To take a selfie outside Gaudí’s iconic Sagrada Família.
  70. Athens, Greece  – To wander the ancient Acropolis.
  71. San Francisco, USA  – To cross the Golden Gate Bridge.
  72. Pumakale, Turkey - Climb a calcium hill to see blue filled calcium pools hanging above the town surrounded by ruins and an old amiptheatre.  The calcium cools turn pink at sunset.
  73. Niagara Falls, USA  – To see the world’s most famous cataracts.
  74. Queenstown, New Zealand – To ski The Remarkables and bungee in the place where it was born.
  75. Iguazu Falls, Argentina - To witness the sheer force of nature in action.

Where else should be on our list?