10 Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The last thing anyone wants on their relaxing holiday is drama (unless its at the theatre of course), so if you are traveling anytime soon make sure you don't make any of these common travel mistakes...

  1. Forgetting to tell your bank you’re going on holiday
    Using your bank card abroad can flag suspicious behavior to your bank and result in your card being frozen.  A quick call to your bank before you leave the country will ensure you don’t have to go through the drama of trying to rectify this while you are away.
  2. Trusting taxi drivers
    Any taxi that won’t turn the meter on for whatever reason is probably planning to charge you more than they should.  If you have no other choice but to get in any way at least agree to a price first.
  3. Not doing research outside the guidebook
    Guidebooks are great but most of the places in a guidebook are well known and are therefore tourist traps.  Do some research outside the guidebook to find amazing places without the crowds.
  4. Answering your phone
    Don’t forget that when you answer your phone while traveling internationally you will be charged a per-minute rate for taking the call (unless your SIM card gives you almost free roaming).
  5. Paying too much
    It pays to do your research into prices of everyday items before you travel – as a tourist you have ATM stamped on your forehead.  Also, know your currency conversions as a small mistake can cost a lot.
  6. Overpacking
    You probably don’t need everything in your suitcase.  Taking some time to plan what you really need will make your luggage lighter and easier to carry – plus leave you some room so you can buy nice things while you’re away.
  7. Not turning off data roaming
    You’ve heard about the bill shock stories of people being charged thousands from using the internet while on holiday – don’t be one of them!  Turn off your data roaming before you travel as smartphones automatically connect to the internet to keep you updated, even if they are switched off.
  8. Knowing the size of the airport
    With a few hours to waste at the airport you might plan on having a drink, eating or shopping to entertain yourself, however, some smaller airports might not give you this option, or things might be closed at night.
  9. Not checking visa requirements before you travel
    Some destinations will grant a visa on arrival – but some places won't.  Always double-check after booking your flights as certain countries visas take a bit of time.
  10. Not tightening shampoo caps
    The last thing that you want to begin your holiday with is a suitcase full of clothes covered in shampoo or toothpaste.  Make sure caps are on tightly or even better but all toiletries in a waterproof bag.