Must Have Travel Tech For Your Ski Trip

From simple straps that take the pain out of carrying skis, to hi-tech heating systems and nifty phones to keep you connected without the fuss; this selection of the top winter travel gear is a must for anyone hitting the slopes this year.



Heated insoles

No matter how warm your body is sometimes the tips of your toes just won’t warm up. These heated insoles will keep your feet sung all day so you can stay out on the slopes for longer.

 Heated insoles


4K Action Camera

With 4k recording ability, water resistance of up to 30 metres and 16 megapixel photo bursts at 30 frames per second this action camera is a serious player for travellers - and what's more its also the most affordable for this spec. It comes wilth loads of accessories so you can add it to your helmet and get superb footage of your activity on the slopes.

4k action camera

Invisible earphones

Wearing earphones under a helmet can be annoyance so grab yourself some wireless in-ear earbuds so you can answer calls and listen to music without cables or trying to make your clumsy earphones comfortable under your helmet.

in-ear wireless earbud earphonesBrunton HeatSync Vital

The Brunton HeatSync Vital is essential tech wear for any wintertime holidaymaker who continues to feel chilly while on the road. Based on a one-size-fits-all harness, and weighing in at just over 240 grams, the chest piece heater is designed to keep even the most intrepid of travellers nice and toasty right throughout the day; whether that means on the ice-cliffs of the upper Himalaya or the powdered pistes of Val Thorens. In fact, its even tempting to get one just to wear out and about in the UK, brrrrrrr!

Brunton Heat Vest

Orbizz Dual SIM phone
For the season-long skier eager to hit the slopes while catering in the chalets or serving behind a bar, The Orbizz dual SIM phone is right up there with all the other travel essentials. It works anywhere in the world and gives travellers the convenience of using two networks at once so you don't have to pay through the nose for roaming charges, or to continually swap SIM cards.

Orbizz Dual SIM Android Phone


Waterproof phone case

Keep your phone protected from any falls or from water with a durable waterproof case. The last thing you want while on top of a mountain is to do damage to your phone!  There are some good heavy duty cases that are also waterproof, this would be best to prevent any damage.


waterproof phone case

20,000 mAh Powerbank

With all the footage you have taken on your action camera and the music you have been listening to on your phone you might be out of power before the end of the day so keep this high capacity powerbank with you so you can change all your devices many times over.

 Xiaomi Portable Powerbank


REI ski carrier
This simple and ingenuous piece of mechanical travel tech is a godsend for any winter sportsters who loathe juggling their cumbersome skis about as they trudge through the snow—and let’s face it, who doesn’t loath that? Using two strong straps and a shoulder sling, the REI ski carrier transforms that difficult journey to the foot of the slopes into an easy breeze, with travellers simply suiting up and carrying their equipment like it’s in a bag. Nice.

REI Ski carriers

Now that you have all the must-have travel gear for you ski trip, all you need is a few travel hacks and you are ready to go!  Take a look at our blog post '18 Travel Hacks That Will Blow You Away'.

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