How travel makes you a better entrepreneur and travel gadgets you need


There is no doubt that travelling in itself is amazing because it enriches your life with new experiences. For entrepreneurs in particular, travelling has been shown to have a positive influence in business and can increase a wide range of skills that can carry on into the professional world. Many of the skills you learn through long-term travel are also key skills in entrepreneurship.


Here are the key reasons why traveling will help make you a more successful entrepreneur:


Communication skills


It can enhance your communication skills

Travelling usually involves adjusting to new languages and cultures, which in turn helps develops your people skills. This can be very handy when growing your business overseas and or collaborating with people from different cultures as it will help you avoid any potential cultural conflicts.  


It’ll teach you how to adapt

Travelling as an entrepreneur can be a way of testing your limits and learning how to overcome challenges. For example, if you come across navigating delayed flights, foreign cultures, and lost valuables while you travel, it usually requires flexibility, resilience, and a willingness to accept uncertainty. All these traits will assist you in coping with the doubts and rapidly changing plans that are common to entrepreneurship.


Surrounding yourself with new cultures also teaches you to find a way to fit in fast. If there is one skill that comes in handy in running a business, it’s adaptability. Being able to quickly adjust to changing circumstances and trends can give your business the edge that puts you in front of the slower adjusting competition.



It’ll allow you to network better

Traveling a country or around the globe can force you to step out of your comfort zone and interact with people you might never have met otherwise. It allows you to expand your connections all over the globe, and can gives you the opportunity to learn from the different perspectives of other people.

Learning how to empathize with people from different types of backgrounds and races will not only improve your cultural awareness but it can also make you a better communicator which is a trait you could apply for example to any business strategy.

If you are looking to trade overseas or outsource parts of your business operations to countries with lower costs, your travel experiences will give you a good idea of what to expect and how to organize your business accordingly. Travelling can also create meaningful professional connections. For example, you never know when someone from another part of the world may require your expertise or vice versa.

Also what is becoming increasingly common is for professional to collaborate with others abroad to target overseas projects or larger than usual contracts which you might need to do as part of a team  With social networks like Linkedin, you can be easily found and off course any international travel experience will help you empathize better with potential new customers.


It’ll make you more creative

With the knowledge you learn about how different people live and  operate abroad can inspire you to come up with  ideas for new business and products.

Travelling also boosts your creative skills and helps you learn more different ways to solve problems, which can be applied effectively in the business world.



 It will help you to lead rather than manage                                     

When you travel alone or in a group you will often find yourself having to make key decisions or being pushed outside your comfort zone at any point throughout the duration of the journey. Acquiring these skills will help you to become a better leader, and someone who inspires their team to go above and beyond the call of duties.


Travel Gadgets – helping you to make the most of your travel experiences

Travel gadgets help make our travel experiences easier and more convenient. Below are a list of some useful travel accessories you can take on your travels for a more enjoyable, cost effective and easier trip…


Sim Card

International SIM Card

When you're on the go, staying in contact can be really costly with international roaming rates in some parts of the world costing as much at £10 for a MB of data. The best option to save money on data consumption is to use a prepaid international travel SIM card such as WorldSIM international SIM card. Our travel SIM cards are free and you can add data bundles or credit to it.

Multi Country Travel Charger

A Multi Country Travel adapter is a great travel gadget to pack as it allows you to charge your devices when you travel anywhere in the world. WorldSIM’s world travel adapter is durable and easy to use. It has 6 different plug inputs and outputs and 2 USB slots, and can be used in over 150 countries. 



The one gadget we know you probably won't be leaving home without is your smartphone. Keeping it powered up on long journeys can prove to be an issue, and for that you'll need a power bank so you won’t run out of battery again. WorldSIM powerbank is a slim line pocket sized device with a huge battery capacity that allows you to fully charge your devices twice over.


Portable WIFI Device 

If you are travelling abroad you may want to purchase a portable WiFi hotspot which is a handy pocket sized gadget that gives you internet access anywhere in the world.

A Mifi device enables you to take internet with you when you travel All of these MiFi devices are unlocked so you can use any SIM card inside, which means you can always get the lowest data rates when you travel internationally with no contracts attached.  You will get a free international data SIM card and credit with all of the portable hotspots below. If mobile hotspots are new to you and you need a bit more information.



Allowing people to listen to music anytime anywhere, a portable speaker is a must-have for any travel entrepreneur that wants to make the most of the outdoors without compromising on any of the luxuries of the indoors.

WorldSIM portable Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and can easily fit into your luggage. You can even insert your SD card with music to play directly from the speaker.



Noise Cancelling Earphone 

A little bit of peace and quiet can go a long way. This travel tech is a must have for any entrepreneur who wants to listen to music during transit and for blocking out background noise (such as crying or a snoring passenger) on any flight. WorldSIM’s Wireless noise cancelling earphones allows you to fade out any type of noise and enjoy a tranquil journey.


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