What to Expect in Goa

Goa is very different from the rest of India if it’s your first visit to India it might seem hectic but there are destinations that are away from the hustle and bustle of Baga and Calangute.  We would recommend staying somewhere quieter - even if you like nightlife!

Top 5 things to see and do

  1. Goa has loads of stunning beaches – many of which are very busy but there are a few quieter beaches if you explore further afield.  Enjoy spectacular sunsets, rouge cows (don’t keep food in your bag as they will find it!) and entertaining people-watching opportunities. The cows seem to come out to watch the sunset every day!
  2. There are loads of shops and markets, Anjuna and Mapsa market are the best.  There are many interesting things to buy but be aware of over the top prices – make sure you barter for a good deal.
  3. Sailing on the backwaters is a must; experience lush green scenery and total tranquillity after the bustle of the rest of Goa.
  4. If you have the chance to get out of Goa for a weekend and head down to Kerala.  It’s a beautiful place with an abundance of wildlife, hiking opportunities and impressive temples.
  5. Check out some fine dining restaurants, like Fiestas - the food and service is excellent and the cozy atmosphere really makes it special.


Food: Food is amazing and you can get a meal very cheaply (£1.50 / $2.50) or splurge on fine dining for £10 / $16.50
Beer: Beer is very cheap – from 50p / $0.85 cents a pint
Taxis: You get the best deal if you hire a taxi for the day, this might cost about £8-10 $13-16.
Accommodation: The range of accommodation is varied so it depends where you stay.  You can stay in budget accommodation from a few pounds/dollars and a 5-star hotel from about £50 /$83 a night.
Phone:  Answering calls can cost as much as £1.30/ $2.20 a minute and data costs a lot.  Grab a roam free International SIM card from free incoming calls and data for just $0.10 /6p cents per 100 kb.