14 Reasons You Need Tri-Fi

Tri-Fi is the newest way to get online when you travel.  Here are 14 reasons why you need it...

  1. You can get online anywhere in the world
  2. You never have to run around looking for free WiFi again
  3. If your phone or tablet runs out of battery when you are out the Tri-Fi will charge it
  4. You can use it to transfer your files between your gadgets as there is a micro SD card

    WorldSIM Tri-Fi

  5. If your hotel room only has internet with a LAN/Ethernet cable rather than WiFi you can plug in the Tri-Fi and get online on all your devices
  6. It is unlocked so you can put any SIM inside
  7. It comes with a free data roaming SIM card that is preloaded with credit so you can get excellent data rates in 168 countries
  8. It fits in your pocket
  9. You can be more productive as you can get online anywhere – trains, airports… the beach!
  10. You won’t get a huge data roaming bill (if you use the included WorldSIM SIM or pay as you go SIM)
  11. Store your files, movies, and documents on it using the micro SD card slot
  12. You can reduce your data roaming costs by up to 85%
  13. You can charge it in your car
  14. Control the costs for staying connected when you travel for yourself, your whole family, or fellow business colleagues as the included pay as you go SIM top-ups can be managed by you and this one SIM can support up to 10 devices.

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