How To Turn Off Data Roaming

If you are going abroad with your smartphone and don’t want to come home to a large and unexpected bill, you should turn off data roaming – even if you don’t use your phone and have it switched off your whole holiday, you could still get a nasty surprise so take precautions and turn off roaming data before you travel. 

Here’s how:

Turn offdata roaming

On a Samsung Galaxy:

  1. Navigate to the menu
  2. Select settings
  3. Select wireless and network
  4. Select mobile networks
  5. Untick data roaming


On an iPhone:

  1. Press the Settings app on your home screen
  2. Select General
  3. Press Network
  4. Slide the data roaming slider to off
  5. Follow the same process for cellular data


On a Blackberry:

  1. Click mobile network in the device options
  2. Change the data services field to off when roaming
  3. Press the menu key
  4. Click save

There are also plenty of offline travel apps that don't need a data connection, this help gives you all the information you need without costing a fortune.