Remarkable Activities to do in the US this October

October US Activities

A remarkable holiday consists of visiting new places, learning new cultures and tasting unheard cuisines for most people today. What most individuals don’t realize that more than visiting the places or the people, it’s the act of doing something different that leaves an ever-lasting impression on travelers.

October provides limitless opportunities for travelers to participate in or witness unique opportunities. We present a few such activities for tourists to try this month. The list traverses through different countries so it would be wise to be adequately prepared. Don’t forget to carry a USA SIM Card, a Mi-Fi (ZTE wireless pocket router), and a live action camera to capture travel accomplishments. Let the fun begin!


Kona, Hawaii

Ironman Trithon

Witness the pinnacle of human endurance, will, and toughness at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Around 2000 human elites will test their limits to gain the honor of being conferred as an Ironman after completing the 140.6-mile triathlon race from Kona, HI. Forget participating, just witnessing the excruciating race will fill your self with awe and wonder for the sleeping latent potential of us humans.


Washington, DC


October holds an exclusive event that lights up the hearts of all Americans for the entire weekend. Columbus Day! Explore the city named after the famous explorer by partaking in the Taste of DC, the largest culinary festival in the mid-Atlantic. Your taste buds will go for the spin after savoring the sumptuous food for the entire weekend. Now that’s how you make your holiday remarkable!


Sinking Spring, PA


The basic requirement every tourist seeks in their travel is security. Correct? While it is survival instinct embedded deep inside all of us, it often prevents tourists from leaving their comfort zone. Shocktoberfest breaks all that. Come experience one of the most haunted attractions one can imagine in their lifetime! It’s all about how daring one can be in exploring the unknown in sinking spring. What’s more, you can also take the Halloween challenge to participate in exploring the spooky house challenge in only their knickers! Now this is what can be said is breaking one’s boundaries, isn’t it?


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