US Travel Destinations for September

Fall Travel

Despite the joy of summers is unbeatable when vacations are concerned, fall holds some pretty neat bonuses for travelers. Firstly one is free from the hassles of summer traveling, secondly, most tourists already start leaving popular travel destinations. The biggest benefit of visiting a travel hotspot in September however, is the bargaining. One can easily find the most economical airfare and hotel rates this month. Whatever be your motivation or the type of travel, here are five of the best travel destinations in the U.S.A. Furthermore, to make your travel seamless we recommend carrying an optimized International USA SIM Card, a portable Mi-Fi to protect your digital identity and keep your travel documents well organized in advance.


Honolulu – Oahu


The most visited island of Hawaii is the place to be during falls. The most famous beach here, Waikiki is nearly empty offering ample rooms for every traveler visiting the place in September. Add the discounted rates of lading and traveling and one would enjoy the most relaxing holiday ever. Visitors get to enjoy an urban appeal in Honolulu with a host of cultural and historic sites. There is the ornate Iolani Palace and the austere USS Arizona Memorial in the Pacific National Monument. The Northern shore offers a rural Hawaii experience with brilliant blue waters and meandering hikes to travelers. top-notch restaurants, vibrant cultural events, and wild nightlife further showcase this island as a "Gathering Place" of Hawaiian culture.

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the most suitable and safe place to visit during this time of the year, Why? Because high daytime desert temperatures and steep hikes don't mix well in summers. September on the other hand, not only offers a cooler climate but also fewer crowds. This famous UNESCO site offers a complete tourist experience at both its locations: The South and the North Rim. The South Rim for sightseeing the Grand Canyon Village and hiking at the Bright Angel Trail. The North Rim for camping and hardcore hiking.




This famous tourist attraction has something for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy its dramatic peaks and pristine lakes. Nature lovers can soak in the verdant forests, expansive meadows, and volatile geysers. Animal lovers can discover buffalos, elks and sometimes even grizzlies along its 3,000-plus square miles of mountains, canyons, geysers, and waterfalls. With summers closing the rush of tourists will thin out making this place the ideal fall getaway hotspot for travelers.


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