Ways You Are Over Spending On Holiday

Are you overpaying for some of the common aspects of travelling internationally? Why pay more than you need to - make your money go further on your next trip with these simple tips to ensure you’re not paying over the odds….

Taxis are notorious for ripping off tourists, Kuala Lumpur, for example, a taxi will refuse to turn on the meter then charge you an obscene amount for driving you round the corner.  Make sure they put the meter on or at least agree a price before you get in.  Never get a taxi from outside your hotel as you will be charged triple the price.  In some destinations, like Asia, it’s often cheaper to hire a taxi for a few hours rather than take separate trips.  This way you can see and do more without the hassle.

Phone calls
Answering your phone when traveling internationally could cost you as much as £1.30 a minute.  Decide how you will stay in contact with friends and family before you travel.  If you travel frequently or are going to more than one country our international SIM card will give you free roaming in 90 countries and cheap calls.

Eating out in nice looking restaurants that are often built for tourists are always going to be more expensive, and not necessarily better quality.  Local food is well worth a try, check out a local night market for some street food or an eatery that the locals go to get the feel of what a place is really like, plus get the chance to chat to different people. You will be nicely surprised and it’s much more economical.

If you are planning on doing some tours, don’t book them before you travel as they are generally always more expensive online.  You can barter with tour operators when you arrive to get the best price and then you have a better idea of what you will get for your money.


Using the internet abroad generally costs a lot, instead use free Wi-Fi where possible.  Make sure all your travel apps are offline apps so they won’t use your data allowance, this way you can still use maps and guide book apps but it won’t cost you anything.  Make sure you turn off data roaming before you travel or it’s likely you will spend much more than you anticipate.

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