Which Travel SIM is right for me?

We have a few different SIM cards available so if you are confused about which one you need this blog post will help!  All our SIM cards will work in any unlocked device (read our blog post about unlocking your device.)


Man chosing which travel sim

If you want to make/receive calls, SMS and use data

Grab the international SIM card; this will give you free incoming calls in 95 countries and save you up to 95% on roaming charges.  This SIM works in more countries than the average SIM as we offer much more coverage as we have lots of roaming partners.  The SIM will work in any unlocked handset, in 200 countries (so practically everywhere). 


If you want to make/receive calls, SMS and use data and you are in or visiting the UK

Then the UK Travel SIM will give you all the benefits of the international SIM above, plus lower UK rates, and international calls from the UK from just 1p per minute.


If you want premium worldwide WiFi access

Access to over 57 million global WiFi hotspots with premium WiFi global access.  We will automatically connect you to the nearest WiFi hotspot when you are within reach and when you are not within our WiFi zone we seamlessly switch you back onto mobile data, so you can always get online.  You will never have to enter a WiFi password, yet you will always be on secure network.  Our WiFi network covers 120 countries.


If you just want data

Then the data SIM is what you are after.  It’s designed to use in tablets, iPads and portable WiFi devices but you can use it in any unlocked device that takes a SIM card.  The data SIM will give you low cost data in 188 countries. The data rates gives much lower rates than the other SIM cards and you can also add data bundles to get even more data for less.  Data bundles give you a bundle of data that is valid for a certain amount of time, rather than pay as you go credit that you pay as you use and it doesn’t expire.  Read more about data bundles.


TIP: Using a data SIM with a portable WiFi device can give you and the people you are travelling with low cost worldwide data over a secure network, they are really handy gadgets.  Having one of our voice SIM’s and a portable WiFi device gives you the best of both worlds. Find out what portable WiFi is and how to use one.


Made a decision?  Grab your free SIM card here.

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