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The Prodigy smart watch is our latest smart watch addition. Designed with the traveller in mind it's an elegant timepiece that can be used alongside a phone or as a standalone phone:

• Insert your SIM card or the WorldSIM SIM included to recieve calls and SMS
• Heart rate & ECG Monitor
• Fitness tracker
• Expandable memory up to 16GB
• Android and iOS compatible via Bluetooth
• 6 months warranty

Availability: Out of stock
Includes: FREE Gift! WorldSIM international roaming SIM & credit. Device is sim free and works with any network.


A smart watch that can replace your phone

As the Prodigy Smart Watch comes with a SIM card you can use it as a phone to make and receive calls and SMS messages and get email notifications. The Prodigy Smart Watch is Android and iOS compatible via Bluetooth.

Keep on top of your health and fitness

You can get in the shape of your life with the Prodigy's pedometer, built in heart rate monitor, ECG analysis, sleep monitor and sedentary reminder that reminds you when you have been sitting still for too long.

Packed with extras

The Prodigy Smart Watch wakes up with a simple flick of the wrist to give you quick access to your smart watch.  Full of useful apps; listen to music via Bluetooth or from your smart watch using a memory card as the Prodigy has a 16GB expandable memory, it also has an anti lost feature so you always know where it is!

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Prodigy Smart Watches

What's Included?


WorldSIM Travel SIM Card

Stay connected when you travel with the included international SIM card.  Benefit from free incoming calls in over 90 countries and save up to 85% on your roaming charges.

Free credit included for USB Dongle

Free Credit

The international SIM card that is included with your Produgy Smart Watch comes with free credit so you can start using it immediately – to get more value for money you can choose to purchase with a higher credit amount. Credit will expire only if the SIM isn’t used for a year.

USB cable

USB Cable

Use the included magnetic USB charging cable to charge the watch from your laptop, or using a plug adapter to charge it from the mains. With the 380mah battery you will get 180 hours standby time so you won't have to charge it very often.

WorldSIM Prodigy Smart Watch Features

TFT Screen

The Prodigy Smart Watch has a 240x240 px scratchproof TFT screen, guaranteeing good clarity in a small sized screen.


The Prodigy Smart Watch comes unlocked so you can use it with any SIM card of your choice.  Insert a micro SIM card into the watch in order to use it as a phone and to send & receive SMS messages.  Use any SIM inside or use the free international SIM card included which will reduce your roaming changes by up to 95%.

Micro SD Card

Add a micro SD card to extend the memory of your smart watch up to 16GB (not included).

Battery Life

This international phone has a front and rear facing camera. The rear facing camera is 8MP with a flash and the front facing camera is 2MP.


The Prodigy has a superb battery life of 350mAh which will give you 168 hours on standby and 3 hours talk time.


Play music from the files on your micro SD card or you can connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth to play the music collection from your phone.  The Prodigy also has a phone book, call log, dialer, SMS, changeable ringtones, built in speaker, stop watch, thermometer, wrist massager to reduce fatigue and many health and fitness apps.


This Smart Watch Phone comes with a built in anti-lost feature so you will be reminded should you accidently leave your smartwatch behind.


Connect the Prodigy smart watch to your phone in order to use the Bluetooth dialer, call reminder, make Bluetooth calls, Bluetooth SMS/IM Message Notification.  You can also synchronize with your phones calendar so you won’t forget those important meetings.

Track Fitness

Measure and track your fitness by using the built in Heart Rate monitor, temperature reading, ECG Analysis, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor and Sedentary Reminder.  The Prodigy Smart Watch can also act as a phone and you can play music from it so you don't have to carry your phone as well.

WorldSIM Prodigy Smart Watch Technical Specifications

  • General
  • CPU: MTK6261A
  • Languages: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Turkish
  • Heart Rate: Support
  • ECG Analysis: Support
  • Temperature Monitoring: Support
  • Bluetooth Dialer: Support
  • Contacts: Support
  • Clock: Support
  • Anti-Loss: Support
  • Pedometer: Support
  • Sleep Monitor: Support
  • Sedentary Reminder: Support
  • Battery: 350 mAh
  • SMS: Support
  • Size: 54*43*13.9 mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Network & Connectivity
  • Single SIM Card (Micro SIM Card)
  • Frequency: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Bluetooth: 3.0 (Push notifications not supported on iOS)
  • Media
  • Music: Support
  • Music Format: MP3
  • Storage
  • External Memory: Memory card support up to 16GB
  • Display
  • Screen Type: Capacitive TFT LCD
  • Screen Resolution: 240x240 pixels

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Rating stars

It’s a great service with a great price

For so long I was looking for a genuine prepaid connection to use in and out of Canada and I initially bought 1 number. Eventually I have now three accounts. So happy.

Alfa -

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Rating stars

Exceptional customer service

Highly recommended. Customer service and assistance is easy to reach by telephone without long delays or being kept on hold. I have made several purchases and the products have arrived quickly and fully meeting or exceeding my expectations.

William -

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Rating stars

Best SIM on the market

It’s great that wherever I am in the world my family, friends and work colleagues can be in touch. Also I'm able to conduct business wherever I roam without clients even knowing I'm not at home or in my office

Tony -

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Rating stars

Best network for travellers

I am working on a cruise ship and always travel around the world and need to use my phone. I can use World Sim everywhere even in Namibia in the desert which is great. I couldn't do this with the other services providers.

Imre -

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Rating stars

This product and service is Amazing! Highly recommend

I purchased the World SIM a few months back and since then I have used it in various countries with great satisfaction. The pricing structure is very competitive and service is highly reliable. If you travel to various countries and need a great world product then this SIM is the right move.

Tom -

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