Orchid Pro Face Mask - Pack of 1 Pc

Each Dust Mask has 2 Layered Cotton Fabric. Anti-dust Face Covering Masks. The anti-dust mask is breathable, perfect for the summer weather and all year round.

• Comfortable to Wear
• Pack of 1 Mask
• Made of 2 layers
• Reusable and Washable
• Suitable for running, anti pollen allergy, cycling, and any outdoor activities
• Washable and can be used repeatedly how many times you like.
• Available in various colour

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Features of the Orchid Pro Face Mask


Extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears and allow you to wear them for a long time.

Comfortable to Wear:

Perfect design, when you wear it, it fits seamlessly into your face. Easy to wear and no pressure to the ears. Fabric is soft and thin so you can wear the mask for a long time.

The lightweight design of the mask with its double Layered Fabric of fabric helps you to breathe easily throughout the day.

Adult Size, Length including elastic ear loops, laid flat 21cm approx. Width opened up to cover mouth down to chin 18cm approx. Colour could vary from images.

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