Replace Your International Calling Card With A WorldSIM And Save!


Get all the benefits of an international calling card with the simplicity of using one SIM card for all your calls

WorldSIM forget calling cards

In the past, international calling cards have always been a good choice for making cheap international calls, however, they have many downsides;

Forget calling cards too many cards

Need many different calling cards

Sometimes you need a different calling card for each continent in order to get a good call rate

Forget calling cards dial lots of codes

Dial lots of codes

You have to dial lots of codes and numbers to start using your calling card - then again if you get cut off for any reason

Forget calling cards have it always with you

Have it always with you

You have to make sure you have your international calling card with you and be sure not to lose it


This long-winded process is annoying; switch your international calling card to a WorldSIM SIM Card to benefit from low rates when calling both nationally and internationally from the UK.





How to reduce your call costs


WorldSIM can help reduce your phone bill with international call rates from 1p per minute.  What’s more, if you already have a UK pay as you go SIM then you’ll be pleased to hear that WorldSIM offers UK call rates at significantly less than the leading providers so you can save up to 65% on your UK calls, SMS and data as well.

Topping up is easy and you can do it anywhere; online, on your phone or via any PayPoint (found in most newsagents) in the UK. Compare your international calling card rates with ours and you we see how much we can save you.  Use your WorldSIM for making cheap international calls, national calls and to receive calls for free in 90 countries when you travel internationally.   It’sthe stress-free alternative to the hassle ofcalling cards.

Find out more about the WorldSIM card and replace your international calling card today.