Multifunction Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Sterilization Box

Discover our new Multifunction Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Sterilization Box which eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Come with a simple and stylish design, our lightweight sterilizer box is widely used for smartphones, fitness trackers, smartwatch, headphones, makeup brush, jewelry, credit cards, or other personal items.

• Removable Makeup Mirror LED UV Sterilization
• Sterilization Box eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria
• Sterilization / wireless charging / removable mobile / cosmetic mirror 4-in-1
• Intelligent design: Health starts from the details, the disinfection module is tilted by 90°
• Come with simple and stylish design
• Lightweight sterilizer box is widely used for smartphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, headphones, makeup brush, jewellery, credit cards or other personal items, etc.

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Features of Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Sterilization Box

This Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Sterilization Box kills 99.9% of common household germs such as staph, coil, and salmonella.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

Ultraviolet rays can cause cell cost fission, can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA, cause the growing cells to die, achieve the effect of disinfection. This enhanced sterilization UV light Box can be underwear, Toys, toothbrush, nail tools, and other small items of life for disinfection, to give you a healthy life.

Ozone Disinfection

Ozone has a strong killing effect on pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms in humans and animals. The sterilization rate of staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coil was 99.5%. Ozone decomposes itself into oxygen at room temperature for about 30 minutes, so there is no residual or secondary pollution.


The bactericidal efficiency of the glass mirror is 2 times higher than that of no glass mirror because of the characteristics of glass mirror material and the influence of ultraviolet reflection and refraction. otherwise, It can also be used as a mirror.

Easy to use

USB Plug, compatible! let you travel、go out at any time and anywhere convenient use. strict quality inspection: FCC、CE、PSE、ROHS、SGS, full official certification!


Mobile phone, children's toys, cosmetic brush, cosmetic work, manicure, shaver, hair products, daily necessities, dental, travel supplies, intimate toys, etc.

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