Portable Mobile WiFi Hotspot Devices & Routers

Mobile Hotspots - Secure Worldwide Internet

A MiFi device enables you to take internet with you when you travel.  Here’s what you get with every MiFi device we offer:
These are all pocket sized mobile hotspots will give you internet on the go over your own private internet connection, anywhere in the world.  All of these MiFi devices are unlocked so you can use any SIM card inside, therefore you can always get the lowest data rates when you travel internationally - and there are no contracts.  You will get a free international data SIM card and credit with all of the portable hotspots below. If mobile hotspots are new to you and you need a bit more information find out what a mobile hotspot is and how to use one.

Choosing what MiFi device is right for you


We have a wide selection of portable hotspots; 3G, 4G, 4G+ (4G+ gives the fastest download speeds), some of our MiFi devices also double up as powerbanks, some connect more than 10 devices. Click on any of our mobile hotspots for more information, or read How to understand which portable hotspot is best for your needs. .