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Protect yourselves and your loved ones, for less, with our range of PPE gear. WorldSIM can reduce the costs of face masks, COVID test kits and face visors by as much as 85% whilst brining you high quality products (some are even medical-grade, see product pages for certifications). We have a wide selection of PPE gear available including disposable gloves, digital thermometers, safety goggles, disinfectant wipes, Oximeters, hand Sanitizer gel and sprays - all at very competitive prices. Get fast and free delivery on eligible orders. Visit our sister website, GenuinePPE, if you are a buying for a business or you would like to purchase wholesale PPE as you can get even bigger discounts.

Buying PPE

Buying PPE isn't always as straightforward as you might think as different products provide different levels of protection.  For example, a non-certified face mask or face covering only protects others but doesn't protect the wearer.  Certified face masks also provide the wearer with varying levels of protection depending on what certification the face mask has.  For the maximum level of protection to the wearer, you should purchase face masks that are certified N99 or FFP3 as these provide 99% protection from airborne diseases - new research even shows that they can provide 99.9% protection from COVID.  For more information and what to look out for when buying face masks, you can see our face mask buyers guide which details the different types of face masks and the best uses for each.

Similarly, buying disposable gloves has similar complexities. Almost all our disposable gloves are medical-grade (see the certifications on each product page) so this takes out some of the confusion.  There are three main types of disposable gloves; latex gloves, nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves - each has slightly different benefits.  Latex gloves are overall the best disposable gloves as they are strong, flexible and form-fitting, however, 6% of the population are allergic and these gloves tend to be more expensive.  Nitrile gloves are cheaper, incredibly strong and less prone to irritation. They are a very good substitute for latex gloves.  Vinyl gloves are less form-fitting but very cheap in comparison to latex gloves or nitrile gloves so if you are using gloves for personal protection against COVID these are suitable, they are also good for food use and general cleaning.