Face Visors & Safety Goggles

Face Visors & Safety Goggles

Across a range of industries, it’s vital that the right level of protection is offered to both the face and the eyes of employees. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in the right face visors and safety goggles.

We believe in offering the latest solutions when it comes to face and eye safety and that’s why you can rely on the products that we supply. From face visors to safety goggles, they are all designed to offer the required level of protection. Whether it’s protection from viruses, liquids or chemicals, our products have been specially designed using the latest materials to deliver the right protection.

Face Visors

We offer a range of face visors that are designed using high-quality materials. They are designed for industries where wearing a face mask can prove challenging. They provide protection for the entire face and as they are designed to be anti-fog, it means that wearers will always be able to see clearly. They also come with a foam head strip for added comfort and that enables them to be worn for long periods of time. The visor is also scratch-resistant which means that the high-quality PET material stands the test of time.

They are made using durable materials which makes them an ideal form of protection from spray, splatter, fluid and debris. Furthermore, they are easy to clean too, as they can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe. They are designed to fit heads of all sizes and they are suitable for preventing the spread of viruses such as flu and Covid-19. They are suitable for everyday use and have a unique design that makes them suitable for use in medical settings, manufacturing and food processing industries too.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are a must-have piece of safety equipment for a range of work environments as they provide the right level of protection for the eyes. Whether it’s dust, flying debris, liquids or chemicals, they provide an effective barrier that meets all health and safety requirements. They are designed to offer anti-fog and anti-mist properties which means that vision is never compromised, helping to improve safety. Our 360° fully sealed safety goggles will neatly fit over spectacles, ensuring they are suitable for all users. They are also designed to offer 99% UV blocking which means that they can also help protect the eyes from harmful rays.

What to Look Out For?

When searching for safety goggles and face visors, it’s important that you look for products that are designed using high-quality materials. This means that they should offer a high level of durability while also offering comfort for wearers too. They should also offer anti-mist and anti-fog to ensure that vision is not reduced as that can help to enhance safety too.

Consider Users Health and Safety

Safety goggles and face visors should be designed to adhere to health and safety regulations. Therefore, they should be made to all industry standards and be certified too. They should provide a level of protection that reduces the risk to wearers based on the industry in which they are used.

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