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Buying Safety Gloves & Disposable Gloves

When purchasing disposable gloves and safety gloves, please ensure that you check the required certification so the gloves you purchase meet any industry requirements. We detail which certifications come with each product, see the individual product page for this information.

Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are ideal for use in medical settings and industrial settings where the hands need to be protected from viruses, infection or harmful chemicals. They provide an exceptional level of durability and come with a smooth glove surface and textured fingertips to aid with dexterity.

The close fit enables wearers to carry out intricate tasks. They are powder-free which helps reduce the risk of powder contamination while keeping hands clean. The beaded cuff also provides drip protection to prevent fluids from rolling up the arm. Latex gloves have enhanced strength while fitting well on the hand.

They are manufactured in accordance with:

  • CE Category: Cat I
  • EN420: Protective gloves: General requirements.
  • EN374-2 Protective gloves: Chemicals and Micro-organisms penetration.
  • EN455 part 1, EN455 part 2 & EN455 part 3.
  • Food Approval 1953/2014
  • Food Approval 10/2011

One thing to note with latex gloves is that about 6% of the population are allergic to latex so if you are in contact with patients or other people you should be aware that there’s a chance they could be allergic to latex gloves so in this instance you might be better to opt for nitrile gloves instead.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are made using a synthetic rubber, making them extremely durable as they offer more resistant to tears and rips. They are designed for use in medical settings such as hospitals and dentist practices. They offer exceptional comfort and they are designed to offer a close fit to aid dexterity. Nitrile gloves come in a powder-free option to help reduce contamination while the textured fingertips help to improve grip.

 They are manufactured in accordance with:

  • CE Marked – conform to EN-455 and EN-374 EN420:2003 + A1: 2009 EN ISO 13485:2016 GB 14866-2006 FDA Registration


  • EN 374-1:2016/Type B KPT
  • EN 374-5:2016 Virus
  • EN 455:2000


  •  CE Class I, FDA Class I

Nitrile gloves are often used in place of latex gloves as they do not cause any allergic reactions, in addition they offer improved dexterity and are puncture resistant.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are a suitable alternative to latex gloves or nitrile gloves and are best for those who work in a medical or industrial setting. Vinyl gloves are designed with a soft and durable material which makes them stronger and resistant to tears or rips. They have a beaded cuff to prevent drips while they are resistant to chemicals.

 Their powder-free option ensures they reduce the risk of contamination. As they offer a comfortable fit but don’t have the longevity of latex gloves or nitrile gloves.  Furthermore, as they are latex-free, they reduce the risk of allergic reactions

They are manufactured in accordance with:

  • Conforms to EN455 1, 2, 3 and 4 - medical gloves for single-use

Industrial Gloves

Industrial gloves are designed to offer an excellent level of comfort and abrasion resistance which makes them suitable for a range of industrial applications. They come with a thin liner and coating which ensures they offer exceptional flexibility and dexterity too. They are available in a range of designs to suit many different applications and best of all they are reusable, this therefore makes them better for the environment as well as cost effective.

Disposable Surgical Gowns

Surgical gowns are made from high-quality materials and designed to protect against fluids. They are comfortable to wear and are made using a breathable material, making them perfect for use in medical and manufacturing settings.

Disposable Aprons

Disposable aprons are designed to be used across a variety of settings including medical, nursing and industrial settings. They are made using a durable and flexible material while they offer protection from fluids.

We have a wide range of safety gloves including disposable gloves and reusable work gloves, catering to many uses. If you are buying safety gloves make sure you are purchasing the correct ones for the intended use. To help you understand which safety gloves might be best for your needs, we have detailed the different types below...
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