Pulse Finger Oximeter - Adult Child Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Check out our new Pulse Finger Oximeter which is useful for adults and children to monitor the blood oxygen saturation. It has Digital LED Display with very fast reading. Can be used at home or outdoor.

•  Pulse Finger Oximeter is easy to use and measures oxygen saturation SpO2and pulse on a finger.
•  Soft and comfortable finger bed.
•  Measures the degree of oxygen saturation and the pulse frequency immediately with accuracy and displayed on a digital large LED screen.
•  It is suitable for adults, children and the elderly as it is designed to fit into a wide range of finger sizes.
•  Not only suitable for home but can be used at outdoor activities such as running, skiing, hiking, cycling etc.
•  It switches to sleep mode after 8 seconds automatically after use and enhance the longer battery life.
•  Protect yourself and your closest ones and stay healthy.

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Features of Digital Pulse Finger Oximeter

Finger pulse oximeter is part of daily care and it allows you to understand your body, ideal for elderly people with heart disease at home or after exercise.

LED Display
A large LED display screen is viewable in any environment - from dark surroundings to bright sunlight. The pulse frequency and the degree of oxygen saturation measures immediately with accuracy.

Breathe – get instant and accurate blood oxygen and pulse rate.

2AAA Battery
It uses 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries which last longer as it has 8 seconds auto switch off functionality. 'Low Battery' indicator signals to replace the battery once it is low.

Easy to Carry
Finger pulse oximeter is very small in size and makes it easy for you to carry around in your everyday life.

Normal SpO2 values ​​range from 94% to 100%. If your SpO2 is below 94%, it could be a sign of poor blood oxygenation, also called hypoxia.
Do not move. And you should stay still while you are measuring (before or after your exercise).

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