Safety Face Shield - Direct Splash Protection - 5 Pcs

This high-quality Safety Face Shield is designed to protect your face from splatter, spray, and flying debris. It protects you from droplets, dust, oil smoke, and more. Protective Clear Film Elastic Band and Comfort Sponge make it comfortable to wear for both – woman and man.

• Pack of 5 Pieces
• All-Round Protection Visor Cap with Protective Clear Film Elastic Band
• Includes windproof dustproof Anti-Splash Facial Cover
• It is suitable for all head size
• Space between the face and the protective cover makes it safer
• Provide a clear vision with good anti-fog function
• Ideal for preventing the flu or COVID-19 diseases from spreading

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Features of the Safety Face Shield All-around Protection

 100% Protection

This Safety Shield gives you 100% protection from splatter, spray, flying debris, and many more. The curved screen design is useful to deal with easily and effectively decrease splatters. It can be disinfected and cleaned with alcohol as it is washable.

Suitable For All

The foam head strip and adjustable cord fastener make it easy to adjust, secure fit, and suitable for all head sizes. The vision is crystal clear and there is a space between the face and face shield which makes it more safe and secure.

Comfortable to wear

This Face Shield is equipped with an elastic band and sponge headband and very comfortable to wear. Vision is super transparent and lightweight. It is suitable for home, shop or dental use, dust and splash-proof, etc.

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