Strongest Signal SIM

Never suffer from
poor signal or mobile blackspots again
Optimize your signal strength with WorldSIM Strongest Signal SIM
The combined coverage of 3 major UK networks in a single SIM
(EE, Vodafone & O2)

Who is it for?

Transporters and delivery personnel

Deliveries will sometimes mean that you are in areas where not all UK operators have good coverage. You need to make a call or a data connection but your operator has no coverage. With WorldSIM Strongest Signal SIM you will always have connectivity as your connection will always move to the operator with the strongest signal.


All too often vets have make call outs to rural and remote locations, where mobile coverage may be poor. With WorldSIM Strongest Signal SIM connectivity is never lost as sim always bounces to the network the strongest signal.

Lone workers

WorldSIM Strongest Signal SIM can help all lone workers and remote workers and the organisations which have a responsibility for them. WorldSIM Strongest Signal SIM can be used to track their location, provide them with critical connection to use their mobile devices, or for personal safety devices or alarms which can send critical alerts to monitoring stations.

Challenging locations

In remote and rural areas getting a constant reliable connection from a single operator is a challenge if not impossible. With WorldSIM Strongest Signal SIM you will always move to the operator with the strongest signal wherever you are.

VIPs – for people who are always on the go where constant connectivity is critical

WorldSIM also incorporates security features which offer the highest level of privacy. Heads of state, VIPs, politicians, business executives, sports stars or celebrities and their security can be better protected with having access to multiple mobile connections wherever they may be.

Our solutions is ideal for those who live, work or spend time in remote locations or who travel frequently, including lone workers, emergency services, vets, business people and VIPs.
The Problem
With a standard SIM, you are tied into a single network. When your SIM loses coverage you can’t automatically register to another operator and will lose your signal.
The Solution
With WorldSIM, you get unrivalled connectivity across the UK. When the signal from one operator is low or lost, with WorldSIM your phone will automatically connect to another available operator, ensuring you always have a good connection wherever you are.