WorldSIM World Travel adapter plug mains with 2 USB Port

Make sure you can always charge your devices and plug in your electrical devices when you travel with this WorldSIM World Travel adapter

• You can use it in 150 countries including Europe, Australia, Asia, and many more worldwide destinations!
• 2 USB Ports to charge devices so you don't need any other plugs when you travel.
• High quality with over-voltage protection.
• Offers fast and efficient charging.

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Suitable for use in 150 different countries

Use this WorldSIM World travel adapter to charge devices such as tablets, mobile phones, cameras, speakers, and more! 

2 USB port

This world travel adapter also has 2 USB ports so you don’t need to bring any other plugs with you when you travel.

Where can I use the WorldSIM World Travel Adapter? 

Universal power adaptor travel plugs

WorldSIM World Travel adapter plug mains with 2 USB Port Technical Specifications

  • Model No: WSIM 500
  • Power rating: 110v-660W/240v-1440W
  • Outlet type: Universal with protect shutter
  • USB charger: 5VDC,2.4A
  • Input voltage: 100v-240v
  • Plug type: US/EURO/UK/AUS/CHINA
  • Product Size: 56*69*46mm
  • Product Weight: 125g

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