This prepaid UK SIM card gives you cheap UK calls, international calls from 1p and you can reduce roaming costs by up to 85%. It's packed with unrivalled benefits and features you'll not find anywhere else! Get your WorldSIM UK SIM card now!

  • Cheap UK Calls: Our UK SIM card gives you UK calls from 1p per min when you buy a bundle plan. 
  • Cheap International Calls: Make international calls from 1p per min when you buy a bundle plan
  • Always Connected: Pick up the strongest network signal wherever you are. Our UK SIM card automatically switches to the operator with the best signal
  • Go Global: Roam in over 200 countries and save up 95% on your roaming charges. 
  • Free Roaming: Unlimited free incoming calls when you travel in over 118 countries.
  • Multiple Numbers:  Our UK SIM card comes with a free UK mobile number (+44) and you can add any other country number using our Virtual Number Service
  • One Size Fits All:  UK SIM card is multi-sized and will work in any SIM-free or unlocked mobile phone.
  • Pay as you go: Choose bundles or pay as you go.  This UK SIM card has no contracts.
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Add Pay As You Go Credit to UK SIM Card

Select the amount of credit you would like. Up to 15% discount available now. The more you add the cheaper the price!

Top Up Validity is 1 Year.

Total Cost: £0
Benefits of our UK SIM card
Outgoing Calls
Outgoing Calls
Use your WorldSIM UK SIM card to make cheap UK calls.  In addition, you can make international calls from just 1p! While you are abroad you till get cheap calls. You get the best rates by topping up with bundles. Check out our rates here. You can top-up your UK SIM card with Pay As You Go credit at any time by using the top-up function on our website. You can renew your bundle using your Pay As You Go Credit by simply dialling the shortcodes associated with each bundle.
Incoming Calls
Incoming Calls
Get unlimited Incoming calls for free on the +44 UK number with our UK SIM Card in over 95 countries. If you have purchased a bundle then calls can also be received on the USA number (as part of the outgoing call bundle minutes).
Your UK SIM card isn't just for use in the UK - you can use it abroad and save on roaming charges. When travelling outside the UK simply add Pay As You Go Credit or buy the appropriate bundle for the country you are visiting.
Virtual Number
Virtual Number
Our UK SIM card comes with two phone numbers on one SIM, a UK (+44) number and a USA (+1) phone number. You can add more phone numbers to your WorldSIM UK SIM card with our virtual number service. Choose phone numbers from over 50 different countries.
Stay Connected with Super-Fast Data
Stay Connected with Super-Fast Data
Get online instantly anywhere in the UK or the rest of the World with super-fast data. Data can be purchased as part of a Bundle or can be used from Pay As You go credit.

These are our UK national tariffs

  • Mobile & Landline
  • Voicemail
  • Internet
  • SMS
  • International SMS
We offer cheap international calls & roaming

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Reduce your spend

Whether you are looking for a cheaper pay as you go UK SIM Card, or you are visiting the UK and need a SIM, WorldSIM can save you substantially on your calls, data and SMS costs as our rates are much less than the leading networks. The SIM has no monthly

Cheap international calls

Make cheap international calls from the UK to keep in contact with friends and family overseas from just 1p a minute -our international call rates are very competitive!

Free international roaming

On top of being a UK SIM card and giving you cheap international calls, our pay as you go SIM will give you free international roaming in 95 countries. See our full tariffs.

UK and USA number on one SIM

Your WorldSIM UK SIM card will come with a UK (+44) number as well as a USA (+1) number on the same SIM card

Add multiple numbers to your SIM

If you would like to add more phone numbers to your WorldSIM UK SIM card you can add unlimited numbers from over 50 countries with our Virtual Numbers service.

Online account

In your online account you can view your itemised billing, top up, set automatic top ups and get help online.

24 hour customer service

We are always available to take your call if you need assistance as our customer service department is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Always on

Never be without a signal. Our UK SIM card connects to the strongest signal in whatever location you are in so you can be more connected.

Much more than just a UK SIM card


Can I call countries outside those that are covered in the bundle?
If you need to call any other countries, don't worry, simply add Pay As You Go credit once your sim card arrives. You can then call anywhere in the world at a super low rate as well as use your UK SIM card outside Europe. See our Pay As You Go Rates below.
How do I activate my bundle when I am ready to use it?
After you have purchased a SIM card bundle you can activate it whenever you are ready within the My Bundles section in My Account. You can also purchase a bundle from your Pay As you Go credit by dialling the relevant shortcode. This will activate your bundle immediately (a shortcode is a number that looks like 83423 that enables you to buy a bundle with your existing credit.)
My bundle has run out. How do I add another bundle?
If you need to add another bundle to your existing UK SIM card you can easily do so by adding Pay As you Go Credit to your sim card by topping up your existing number. Then simply dial the shortcode that is shown below the bundle e.g. for 3GB and 500 mins bundle dial *126*83423#

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