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WorldSIM UK Travel SIM Card

Meet our new and improved UK Travel SIM Card; perfect for using in the UK and abroad! Here are some of the perks:

• Calls, data and SMS from 1p per minute
• Cheap international calls
• Free incoming calls when you travel (in over 95 countries)
• Coverage in 195 countries
• Roam on your existing number using our Virtual Numbers service
• OFFER: Free premium global WiFi access. Find out more

Availability: ✓ In stock
Includes: Free UK SIM + the more credit you purchase, the better the offer


Benefits of our pay as you go SIM card

Our pay as you go UK Travel SIM gives you many more benefits than the average SIM:

Cheaper Calls, data and SMS
If you compare our UK call, SMS and data rates to any other pay as you go UK SIM you will see how much you can save.

Cheap international calls
If you make international calls you will be pleased to know that our international rates start at just 1p per minute so you can talk for longer.

Free international roaming
As well as giving you lower pay as you go rates in the UK, your WorldSIM UK Travel SIM card will also give you free international roaming when you travel. Receive calls free in 95 countries and get excellent data roaming rates.

WorldSIM Pay as you go UK Travel SIM card

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The rates shown are for our new SIM. If the number on the back of your SIM doesn’t start with 8944538524503 click here to view rates and read important changes.


Reduce your Pay as you go spend

Whether you are looking for a cheaper pay as you go rates or you are visiting the UK and need a SIM, WorldSIM can save you substantially on your calls, data and SMS costs as our rates are much less than the leading networks. The SIM has no monthly top up requirement; just use the SIM once a year to keep it active.

Cheap international calls

Call friends and family overseas from just 1p a minute, our international call rates are very competitive!

3 SIM sizes

We offer standard, micro and nano SIM sizes. You will need an unlocked handset in order for our SIM to work. If you need a handset take a look at our dual SIM phones.

Free international roaming

On top of being a UK SIM card, our pay as you go SIM will give you free international roaming in 95 countries. See our full tariffs.

UK and USA number on one SIM

Your WorldSIM UK Travel SIM card will come with a UK (+44) number as well as a USA (+1) number on the same SIM.

Add multiple numbers to your SIM

If you would like to add more phone numbers to your WorldSIM UK SIM card you can add unlimited numbers from over 50 countries with our Virtual Numbers service.

Online account

In your online account you can view your itemised billing, top up, set automatic top ups and get help online.

24 hour customer service

We are always available to take your call if you need assistance as our customer service department is open 24 hours a day, every day.

Much more than just a UK SIM card



A WorldSIM global WiFi pass is an APP you can quickly download on your mobile, tablet or laptop and stay connected across the globe for free.


Benefit from:

  • 57 Million Wi-Fi hotspots globally in over 120 countries. See where is covered.
  • Unlimited data downloads - No more data roaming charges
  • Automatic secure connection via built in VPN - no logging in required
  • Access to premium Wi-Fi hotspots - speeds up to 3x faster than 3G
  • Our App works with IOS, Android, Windows and Mac
  • When you purchase a SIM with additional credit or with a 1GB data bundle

Important: Only one active WiFi pass per email address is possible. Your WiFi pass will be active from the date of purchase.

 *When you purchase a SIM with additional credit or with a 1GB data bundle


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