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      Since 2007, WorldSIM has been the trusted choice for International SIM Cards and Global eSIMs and has served over 5 million travellers. Here are 8 reasons why....

      No roaming charges

      No roaming

      Stay connected globally without roaming charges or surprise bills

      No roaming charges

      Super fast data at
      affordable rates

      Connect to the best networks globally at affordable rates

      No roaming charges

      Cheap Incoming

      Incoming calls cost you nothing in over 100 countries

      No roaming charges

      UK and USA

      Our SIMs come with a UK (+44) Number and a USA (+1) Number

      No roaming charges

      Lifetime Validity

      SIMs and top-up come with 1 year validity and can be extended

      No roaming charges

      24/7 Customer Support

      24/7 support is just a message away

      No roaming charges

      Prepaid service

      Prepaid service so you are 100% in control

      No roaming charges

      Data Bundles

      Add Data bundles for even cheaper data

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