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Travel Essentials

As avid travellers, we are experts in travel products that take out all the hassling out of travelling internationally. Forget about irritating issues like having to switch SIM cards, not having data when you want it or your gadgets running out of battery when you need them most. We scour the planet for the best and most innovative travel essentials and bring them to you at unbeatable prices.

With endless essential travel products, as well travel gadgets that you need and didn’t know existed - we are always finding the most innovative products at the best prices so your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We have an extensive range of travel accessories from international roaming solutions and dual SIM phones, to PPE gear and Bluetooth trackers (so you don’t lose your suitcase – or child!) As well as the latest in travel tech we also have all the usual travel essentials you might need for your trip.

Stay Connected

We specialise in travel gadgets that make staying in contact when you travel internationally much easier - and much more cost effective. All of the travel gadgets we stock are suitable for leisure and business use; our travel essentials cover every aspect of your trip from international SIM cards that reduce the cost of roaming charges by as much as 85%, to portable WiFi so you can stay connected wherever you travel to. Our range of travel essentials have been developed to take the hassle out of travelling.

Travel Gadgets

Whether you want to take better videos, keep tabs on where your luggage is, play music in your hotel room, or track your fitness with a smartwatch, we have an extensive range of travel gadgets that you will love. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best products at the best prices – well before they are available anywhere else. Subscribe to the WorldSIM email newsletter to get notified of new products as soon as they are in stock.