Vinylex Black Vinyl Powder free Gloves - Pack of 100

These multi-purpose disposable gloves are the best option for situations where flexibility and ease of use are required. Our Black Vinyl gloves are commonly used in restaurants & saloons. They are a great fit for most people and provide more agility so hands can move freely enabling most tasks to be done quickly and efficiently.

Features and Benefits:
• Soft and durable material for excellent dexterity and strength
• Ambidextrous gloves with beaded cuff and smooth finishing
• Powder free to minimise the risk of contamination
• Vinyl gloves are skin-friendly for users prone to type I and type IV allergies
• Provides additional safety for many applications, e.g catering, electronics industry, small assembly work, home and gardening

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What are the benefits of using Disposable Vinyl Gloves?

Gloves made from vinyl are manufactured in a way to enable stretch and versatility whilst they are also able to hold up against punctures, stretch and general wear and tear. They can be used for healthcare tasks, keeping hands safe from contamination. They are effective in protecting against oily substances, acids, emulsions, and other liquids and serve well in food preparation where cross-contamination needs to be kept to a strict minimum. Due to their anti-static nature, they are also useful when working with wires and cords. Stripping back sheaths on cords with tools can cause static and these gloves are useful in protecting hands from chafing.

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