5 Unexpectedly Affordable Places to Visit in US

Affordable US holidays

Summers awaken the dormant travel spirit for most of us. The clear blue skies with warm sunny days showcase any place’s beauty in its natural grandeur. The freely moving natives lost in their day-to-day activities, the naturally curious traveler witnessing a new place thirstily, the bystanders ignoring the market rustle passing their day basking in the sun lazily. The whole scenario presents life in all its glory. A carefree utopian society where every individual enjoying their freedom responsibly.

The reality, however, is never that simple. A person may be entangled in a web of responsibilities, which includes work, family, and financial liabilities. Taking off to a dream destination can easily burn a hole in a person’s pocket. Here we are presenting five unexpectedly affordable places one can visit in the US. To make your holiday hassle-free, we suggest some travel gadgets to assist you while you roam through different states in the USA. The first in the checklist is an International SIM Card (we recommend the WorldSIM USA SIM Card) to keep in touch with home, a personal Wi-Fi (try the E5785 Huawei Mobile WiFi) to stay digitally connected with the World and most importantly your Passport along with your travel documents.


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Nature is indeed the original creator, at least here one is forced to think when confronting this structure. A canyon that is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep. A thick sequence of ancient rocks that are well preserved and exposed in the walls of this gigantic canyon. More than its visually overwhelming size, what mesmerizes the onlookers is its intricate and colorful landscape. The Grand Canyon, officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and managed by the National Park Service attracts approximately 6 million visitors every year.

The Grand Canyon offers a blend of the quiet and overly crowded atmosphere. The South Rim is quite popular with hikers and sightseers. Visitors can enjoy the overly crowded atmosphere and basic amnesties at the Grand Canyon Village and the Bright Angel Trail. For a more solitude atmosphere head to the North Rim. This place is meant for backwoods camping and hardcore hiking. Adventurers across the globe have traveled to Grand Canyon for centuries. The red and orange grandeur of this timeless creation has left every traveler awestruck.  


San Antonio

San Antonio

Every visitor coming to San Antonio must see the 4.2-acre complex known worldwide as "The Alamo". This structure for the past 300 years is a testament to the Texan history. Situated on Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo houses exhibits on the Texas Revolution and Texas History. It symbolizes courage and sacrifice for the cause of Liberty by Alamo defenders. As one leaves this magnanimous structure, they venerate the famous slogan, “Remember the Alamo”.

San Antonio’s rich heritage is evident in its well-preserved landmarks, opulent 1860s residential areas, and the beautiful Alamo Gardens. Visitors get the taste of 300 years of vibrant art, history, culture, and innovation roaming through the city. Apart from the rich history, the city is world-renowned for magnificent urban waterway: The River Walk. Tourists can hop aboard a river taxi, cruising leisurely along the waterway. They can also walk shop and dine, enjoying the hospitality of this wonderful place. With Natural Bridge Caverns – Texas’ largest, and one of the premier show caves in the world, theme parks, amazing exhibits, professional sports teams and fun events for the whole family San Antonio satiates the holiday spirit of millions of visitors every year.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The miracle in the dessert! The city where one can get away with just the right amount of wrong. Vegas is the crown jewel of the entertainment industry in the US. A city where excessiveness is normal, vices are entertainment and fortunes made or lost at a moment’s notice. This Nevada hotspot is a pleasure-magnet for every audacious ecstasy seeker throughout the world. The sheer numbers of dreams fulfilled in this city keep every tourist arriving here awestruck, sending a tingling sense of adventure down their spine.

Las Vegas provides every kind of vacation one can fantasize. You can easily indulge in a high stake getaway at the Blackjack table in casinos or pull all-nighters at nightclubs. If you want a luxurious escapade, try the various hotel spas, high-end boutiques, and gourmet restaurants throughout the city. Travel aficionados can go hiking in Red Rock Canyon or visit the Hoover Dam. Families can entertain their kids through Cirque du Soleil performance, the Bellagio Fountain show, and the Neon Museum. The city makes every visitor returning home chant, "Viva Las Vegas" for memorable memories created here. 




Hot and sunny climate with clear blue skies and the contemporary flair of a native Mexican village. Welcome to Tucson! A city with desert climate but usually cooler and wetter than Phoenix. A boon for tourists for visiting during summers. Visitors can partake the trademark spicy Mexican food while enjoying the rich historical and cultural attractions offered by this city.

Tucson abounds with the rich Hispanic heritage that seems to be ever expanding. Travelers are greeted with adobe buildings, high-end restaurants and lavish resorts situated in Catalina Foothills district. Despite its modern urbanization, one can easily find trendy shops, rowdy bars, and ever-youthful spirit thanks to the University of Arizona campus in the vicinity. Adventures can also explore nearby mountains and wilderness areas like Saguaro National Park thanks to the surrounding Sonoran Desert. The city is bound to leave a mark as one of the most memorable tourist hotspots on your bucket list.




Albuquerque is one of the most populous and largest metropolitan city in the US city of New Mexico. It consists of a number of universities, museums, laboratories, biological parks and national monuments. It boasts of funky boutiques, top-notch performance venues, and exciting nightlife. The city promises a truly cosmopolitan experience to every global traveler.

Tourists should start exploring at Old Town, the heart of this city. The city has been ever expanding since 1706, with cobblestone streets, adobe walls and mingling Native American and Spanish cultures. Visitors should use the fabled Route 66 to explore the city. It runs through the heart of the town and has the trademark vintage neon glow. Start by strolling the Central Avenue, discovering expansive homes and lush vineyards in the North Valley and Corrales along the way. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds to the authentic New Mexican cuisine that takes minutes to make and hundreds of years to prepare. If you are still reminiscing as you leave the city, do try to head here back in October for the International Balloon Fiesta, the world's largest such gathering of hot-air balloons from around the globe.


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