Find Your Inspiration This Summer

Tired of the same old destinations?  If you are in need of a bit of inspiration to help you book your summer holiday, check out some of our favourite places… 

Bohol, Philippines
Very much off the beaten track, Bohol isn’t tourist destination so if you are looking for a package holiday, this really isn’t for you.  However, if you after nature, stunning scenery, relaxation and like to sing, you’ll love this place!   Empty stunning white sand beaches, turquoise sea and plenty of unique wildlife from the world’s smallest primate (the Tarsier, below)  to starfish as big as footballs.  By day you can visit the surreal Chocolate Hills; they consist of over 1000 pointed hills or take a boat trip on the bluest river you have ever seen.  By night you can witness the most impressive sunsets after which friendly locals will drag you up to sing karaoke (whether you like it or not).


Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
It’s a bit of a tourist hot spot but there is no denying the wonder of this tiny island.  The beaches, the marine life, the parties, and the shopping – there aren’t many places that has a mix of everything, Koh Phi Phi certainly does.  Take a boat trip to where The Beach was filmed, swim with reef sharks (they don’t bite) or enjoy a wide range of water sports.  When evening comes the island is packed with choices from Thai boxing to dancing the night away.  Luckily we have just introduced almost free roaming in Thailand.

Pumakale, Turkey
Culture, natural beauty, and history-rich – Pumakale is a small Turkish town, home to natural thermal springs.  Set on top a big white calcium hill you can see lots of natural pool formations that turn pink as the sun goes down and at the top, you can swim in a pool with ancient Greek ruins.  Turkish food is amazing and there is plenty of great entertainment too.  If you plan to go to Turkey, you can get free roaming with our travel SIM.


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