Travel the World Digitally: How International eSIM Simplifies Your Journey

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Imagine you have finally landed at Heathrow Airport and taken out your phone to click and send a quick selfie, but it has no signal again. You scramble through your bag for your international SIM card, hoping to reconnect with the world. Sounds familiar? Well, if you are a frequent traveller who has faced this problem, eSIM is your one-stop solution. Let's understand what an eSIM is. Basically, it is a digital SIM that allows you to stay connected, eliminating the hassle of carrying physical SIM cards. Curious to know more? Continue reading to discover why an eSIM is perfect for your next journey abroad!

Understanding International eSIMS

What if we told you that eSIM lets you travel freely without worrying about excessive roaming charges or the activation of international SIM cards?
eSIM is the digital version of a physical SIM that lets you use data and voice while traveling internationally. The international eSIMs allow travelers to connect to local networks in various countries.
Unlike a traditional SIM, the eSIM can be simply scanned with a QR code, and it gets uploaded to your device. Note that the eSIM technology is compatible with almost all handsets. WorldSIM provides two kinds of international eSIM, namely:

WorldSIM International eSIM Pro
This eSIM for international travel is specifically designed to support voice calls, SMS, and speedy data at an affordable price. The eSIM Pro has lifetime validity; you only need to recharge it once a year to keep it activated. It even supports WhatsApp on your primary number and OTPs.
WorldSIM eSIM Connect
eSIM Connect works on the same digital level but only provides data for your phone. The plans available are:

  • 1 GB: 7 days for £5
  • 3 GB: 30 days for £10
  • 5 GB: 30 days for £15
  • 20 GB: 30 days for £45

Benefits of Using a Global eSim

There are several benefits to using an eSIM in international travel that help you change carriers without needing a physical SIM. Let us explore the advantages of an international eSIM:

Global Connectivity

When traveling to one of the offbeat places on your list, like a remote village, finding a reliable network provider might be a challenge. In those cases, an international eSIM can help by switching you to the best carrier in that place, ensuring seamless connectivity.
With a WorldSIM eSIM, one can get voice and data services from over 135 countries at superfast 4G speed.

Easy Activation

WorldSIM cuts out the hassle of activation processes. Unlike a traditional SIM that takes 48 hours to activate, their international eSIM gets activated automatically in 5 minutes once downloaded. The best part is that you can keep your existing number active while using a World-eSIM.


eSIMs are more secure than traditional SIMs as the data on them is fully encrypted. Sometimes, the eSIMs can be programmed to request verification from the operator if they are being used on another profile.


It is very flexible to switch between different numbers. More than two numbers can be stored in one eSIM. Since an eSIM does not take up the two physical SIM slots in a device, you can also use two physical SIMs in one device.

No Roaming Charges

If you have a physical SIM, which you upgrade when you travel internationally, you are charged an exorbitant amount for international plans. But an eSIM is one of the best travel accessories that will cost you much less.
With World-eSIM Pro, you can buy cheaper data bundles or browse different international eSIM plans to suit you best. If you ever run out, you can use the top-up option to recharge your eSIM.

Online Management

The entire process of applying for an eSIM online and getting it in your email is done online. The creation of multiple profiles, as well as switching between networks, is done online without the presence of any physicality, just the e-version of the SIM.

Why Choose an eSIM by WorldSIM?

Choosing World SIM out of many international options has various benefits, such as:
There are two options, from which you can choose only data, or voice and data.
· With WorldSIM, you get a UK mobile number which has the additional benefit of free incoming calls in 85 countries around the globe. This is a unique feature which most of the service providers don’t offer.
· Our services provide instant connectivity in over 135 countries and have been trusted by 5 million travelers since 2007.
· Our eSIM are free of cost as you have to only pay for the plans you choose to purchase as per to your needs.

Setting Up and Using Your World eSIM

Here’s how you can set up and start using your eSIM:
· Step 1: Visit the official website of WorldSIM and decide on eSIM Connect or WorldSIM International eSIM.
· Step 2: Check if your device is compatible with an international eSIM.
· Step 3: Look for international e-SIM plans that would suit your travel itinerary.
· Step 4: Follow the instructions in your email on how to scan the QR code to activate the eSIM once you land at your destination.

With WorldSIM international eSIM catering to your travel plans, you no longer need to worry about the expensive roaming charges and hassle of switching the sims. To avail all the benefits of eSIM travellers should ensure that their devices are compatible with an eSIM.
eSIM is changing the landscape of international travel by eliminating the need for physical SIM cards and offering a simplified solution. As it continues to gain traction for hassle-free international travel, the next time you plan to go abroad, avail of an eSIM from WorldSIM.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does eSIM work without the internet?

The World-eSIM provides two products: one with data and voice and one only with data. An eSIM needs an internet connection for activation. After that, you may choose if you want to use the data or not.

2. Does eSIM use the same number?

Once activated, the eSIMs function such that you can use another number along with your primary number without occupying a physical SIM card slot.

3. How many numbers can be registered on one eSIM?

With an eSIM, you can use more than two phone numbers other than your primary number, one of which can be a physical SIM and the other an eSIM. It is helpful for those who need to keep more than two numbers for work or when overseas.