5 Places You Have Never Heard of But Will Want To Go To When You Read This

The planet that we live on really is a magical place. Just when you think that you have seen it all and done it all, something else jumps out at you and makes you realise that we are pretty lucky to have what we have. Whilst all the well-known spectacular places around the world have been written about time and time again the list that we have compiled is a small insight into parts of the world that you may never have heard of and as a result will make you want to visit them. Check out these seriously amazing natural wonders...

Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

How beautiful is this! The reason for this change in colour is still relatively unknown but it is said to get its unusual colour from a dye that has been created by a number of organisms.  Its a strong pink colour from the air and from the shore it has a strange and alluring pink hue to it. It sounds strange, it looks strange but it’s an amazing sight. As if Australia didn’t have enough to offer already!

Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico
This place is absolutely magnificent and will simply blow you away when you see it. It is stunning and in order to visit it, special permission has to be granted – but don’t let that put you off. So why is it called the Giant Crystal Cave? This is because it is home to the biggest crystal formation in the world and there is a reason why it is not easily accessible. The cave is privately owned which makes it obvious but the temperature within the cave is 136 degrees so this is another reason why it is not possible to turn up and walk right on in! To view the caves you have to book ahead this is so protective gear can be reserved and a guide is available to show you around.

Tubbataha Reef, Philippines

For those of you who like diving the Tubbataha Reef is a real treat. Situated in the Philippines, it is home to some of the best diving in the world without the hordes of tourists all trying to get a glimpse of this magnificent reef. The Philippines offers a relaxed diving atmosphere with no glass bottomed boats and divers that make visiting a site like this painful. With stunning reefs and a huge amount of underwater life, its heaven for divers.

Gate to Hell, Turkmenistan

We have all used the words “go to hell” before but what if we told you that we know where the actual gate to hell is located? Well not quite, but the aptly name Gate to Hell in Turkmenistan really does give an insight in to the power of the earth. This natural gas fire has been burning since it was set alight by petrochemical scientists in 1971. The natural gas deposits feed the fire and many believed that it would burn out soon after it was lit, but over 40 years later it is still burning and still a sight to behold.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

The Antarctica has always been an unknown quantity to many but it also offers something that you don’t see all that often. The Blood Falls or bloody waterfalls as they are also known is a natural phenomenon.  Out of pure white ice and snow, the water runs a deep red which helps give it its unsightly name. However, this is caused by saline water that is rich in Iron that spews out from a lake situated under the glacier but it a sight to really treasure as this is one of those natural occurrences that make you stand back and think “Wow”.

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