The Ultimate Guide to buying Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Yey! Festivals are finally around the corner and most of us are busy looking for the best gifts to present to our family, fast friends, and relatives. And why not? After all, gifts are the perfect means to express a loved one the feeling that they are special. A gesture of giving, arising out of love which doesn’t demand anything in return. Christmas Eve presents the perfect opportunity for everyone to realize that somebody out there is still thinking about them.

Travelers are a notoriously difficult bunch to buy gifts for. Most of them try to avoid useless baggage and are extremely picky about the things they need to carry with their luggage. Here are some indispensable travel accessories that any traveler will vouch for.


Portable Wifi

The most basic of all travel essentials is a portable wifi. It keeps a traveler connected to the internet while on the go. Portable wifi/pocket wifi comes with different capabilities and accordingly different prices. For people traveling in groups, a wi-fi router should allow multiple connections to their devices. The TP Link M7450 Mobile Hotspot is an ideal choice for gifting to an individual traveling in groups. It allows simultaneous connection of 32 devices in one go and offers the latest LTE Advanced CAT6 support. Connected users can enjoy high-speed internet speeds with 300 Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds respectively.

For solo travellers, the TP Link M7200 Mobile Hotspot is an ideal choice to give as a Christmas gift to carry on his/her travels. The M7200 wi-fi router is a high-speed 4G enabled router with 150 Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds. It also supports storing 32GB of data thanks to the MicroSD Card slot and connects to 10 devices simultaneously. If you are still short on the budget then the Huawei E5251 3G Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot is also an excellent choice to present as a holiday gift. It also allows high-speed 3G internet speeds with 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps speeds while connecting to 10 devices successfully.


Fitness, activity and knowing one’s whereabouts is of paramount importance for any traveler. Gifting a smartwatch is a smart choice as a Christmas Gift for any voyager. The Huawei Color Band A2 Smartwatch is dexterously crafted with many salient features to monitor any person’s activities. The smartwatch is equipped with a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, alarm clock, 24 hrs intelligent fitness and health tracker. The device is sweat and waterproof and comes with 9 days of battery life. Travelers can also call and send SMS alerts while on the move to keep in touch back home.


If looking for cheaper options you can also choose from these smartwatches:

  • The WorldSIM Fitness Watch

  • WorldSIM Nigma Smart Watch

  • WorldSIM Mi Pro Fitness Band

  • WorldSIM Prodigy Smart Watch

  • WorldSIM Neuvo Smart Watch

Action Cameras

Action cameras are a real treat for hikers, adventurers and thrill seekers alike. They are the most sought out item for travelers planning some intense activities on their trips. This makes them an excellent choice for a Christmas Gift. The 4K Ultra HD Action Camera is a small and compact (the size of a credit card)sized camera that even works underwater.

Dual SIM Phones

Last but certainly not the least, a Dual SIM smartphone is an excellent choice for giving a Christmas Gift.

Being connected while travelling is a fundamental need for any traveller. Apart from this using internet to perform basic of needs such as

Depending upon your travel destination a