Offline Games to avoid Boredom on your Travels

Offline Apps

Getting stuck before reaching your favorite chilling out holiday spot is really a bummer. Those extra waiting hours in traffic or the downtime during two flights sure are irksome. Using the internet to escape boredom can’t work every time while traveling. Offline games can provide all the entertainment during such idle times. We bring forth to you the latest Editor’s choice games to kill that boredom in your travels.

These games work offline but we would advise you to be adequately prepared for your next trip. The Internet is the lifeline in today’s digital age with most of the services working seamlessly from one’s smartphone. It would be wise to carry an optimized Data SIM Card, a Mi-Fi (ZTE Pocket Wireless Router is an excellent choice here!), a live-action camera to capture those special moments and your boarding pass along with other relevant travel documents.


Soul Knight

Soul Knight

A shoot’em up alien minions shooter game with dungeons, collectible weapons, and bullet dodging! A perfect cocktail reminiscence of our childhood (remember Max Payne anyone!). The game boats of the best shooter game on the mobile store.

The player gets the option to choose unique heroes with their stand-out abilities, play randomly generated dungeons, try more than 170 weapons and the company of interesting NPCs to play alongside you. Now, this is what means when they say living up your childhood!


Paper Wings

Paper Bird

Throwing paper planes and catching them while they fall is the most common loved children’s game. Imagine the surprise, bird lovers had when they discovered the same thrill can be felt in a mobile game. Paper Wings brings the joy of preventing their origami bird falling from the sky. Players need to catch balls in midair through their paper bird to keep it flying. This fast-paced arcade game needs the player to gain points avoiding hazards along the route to progress through the different stages of the game.

The game offers intuitive, unique but simple flying game mechanics with 4 different game modes. The game aesthetics is constructed from the minimalistic origami art style that is indeed beautiful to watch. With more than 30 different world bird species to choose from and progressive harder challenges, the game is very addictive to play.


Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2

This one is for players who enjoy brains with the brawl and not some stupid bullet spraying like Rambo. The game has an interesting story that emphasizes users use stealth techniques in their combat. Don’t think it lacks action though. The game is practically a third-person sci-fi wild west adventure happening in outer space.

Players need to use their environment to their advantage, take cover while shooting, do sneak kills, flank their enemies to get the advantage and vice versa. Stealth takedowns, using silenced weapons & tiptoeing towards your enemy is greatly beneficial. Plus carrying the right gear makes all the difference in a stage. This is one hell of a game to keep you hooked to your mobile for hours!



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