Travel Hacks: Tricks to get more out of your Data SIM Card

Data sim tricks

Unless you are a novice traveler who has never used a data sim card on your international travel, you should be quite proficient in using a Data SIM Card. An International data sim card as the name suggests provides a traveler with an uninterrupted connection to internet services at reduced prices. While travelers using this sim, card reduce the prices to a very substantial amount, they hardly know how to make most of their data sim. Here we have collected some incredible travel hacks to optimally use your data sim card.


Selecting the Correct Data Bundle

Data Bundle

The most obvious of mistakes made by an international traveler is recharging their data sim card with any random data plan. Most of the data sim card available for travelers is free. They only need to recharge the data sim with a proper data bundle/ data plan to start using internet services. This is where a smart decision can save a traveler a substantial amount of money.

As a traveler, you should select the data plan according to the territory you are visiting. For example: If you have planned to visit Europe then selecting a data plan that works only in the UK just because it’s cheap won’t help you in the long run. You will have to shell out a lot more even if you try to reduce using your data sim card while visiting other countries in Europe.

Tip: Select the Data Bundle/Plan according to the Country

Secondly, as a traveler, you should choose a data plan according to your usage. Most travelers try to buy a cheaper data plan despite being a habituated smartphone user. This leads them to recharge their data sim card several times during their trip incurring extra data costs. If the traveler had selected a data plan with more data, such as 4GB instead of 500MB since the beginning, the data services costs would be much cheaper.

Tip: Select the Amount of Data Pack according to one’s Usage


Selecting the Strongest Preferred Local Network

Strongest Signal

Every global Data Sim Card purchased by a traveler automatically connects to a local mobile operator within the native place, a traveler is visiting. This provides an uninterrupted connection to the traveler. This may, however, lead to a slower internet speed as the default network selected by your smartphone might be weak. A smart traveler should use their smartphone to connect to the strongest preferred local network to get the most optimized internet speed.

Tip: Connect to the Strongest Preferred Local Network


Saving the Correct APN Settings

APN settings

The first act of every traveler is configuring their APN (Access Point Name) settings for their Data SIM Card. The sim can only work if the APN settings are configured properly. In most of the instances, the data sim indeed works flawlessly for every traveler. However, when a traveler enters a new country the APN settings might get corrupted/changed leading to the disruption of data services. A traveler then must spend minutes (if not hours!) to again configure their smartphone’s APN settings. This can be easily avoided if the APN settings are memorized/noted beforehand and easily changed manually later.

Tip: Note the APN settings in your phone for future mishaps/technical errors


Switching Off Auto-Update

Switch off auto updates

This is the most obvious mistake made by nearly all globetrotters while using their data sim card. Every travel gadget whether it is a smartphone, smartwatch or portable wi-fi needs to update its software regularly. As soon as the device is connected to the internet it starts updating its software. This results in unwanted data usage during travels. A smart traveler should turn off automatic updates for all their travel gadgets before starting their journey.

Tip: Switch off the Auto-Update for your data consuming devices


Choosing only Data Sim Card

Data SIM Card

Almost every wise traveler prefers to carry a portable wi-fi with them on their voyage. This helps them easily connect to internet services required exploring a new location and stay connected online. What most travelers don’t realize is that using a data sim over an International SIM Card. A portable wi-fi is designed for data services and works in sync with a Data SIM Card. This results in a user getting the best internet speed and connectivity from their portable wi-fi. A smart traveler, therefore, should always use only a data sim with their pocket wi-fi.

Tip: Always use only a Data SIM Card with your Portable Wi-fi


About WorldSIM Data SIM Card

Data SIM Card

The 4G worldwide international Data SIM Card is ideal for iPads, tablets, and portable wi-fi devices as it’s a data-only SIM (no voice or SMS).  Use this international data sim to slash the cost of data roaming worldwide. The salient features of this Data SIM Card are as follows:

  • Get prepaid internet at very low costs in 188 countries
  • 4G speeds in countries that offer 4G
  • Reduce your data roaming charges by up to 95%
  • Compatible with all unlocked devices & all SIM sizes
  • Prepaid credit never expires
  • Add a data bundle to get even lower data rates

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