5 World Festivals that Involve Flinging Food

There are many different festivals around the world from the grandness of the Rio de Janerio carnival to the strange baby jumping festival in Spain.  Here are our favorite world festivals that involve flinging food….

La Tomatina - Buñol, Spain
Over the past few years, La Tomatina has grown in popularity quite substantially and involves throwing squashed tomatoes at everyone.  The festival started accidentally in 1945 and has now become an annual event.

Battle of the Oranges - Carnevale di Ivrea, Italy
One million oranges and 3 million people divided into 9 teams. Unlike La Tomatina, the oranges aren’t squashed before throwing so helmets are worn.  This is a battle that is judged and only one team can win.


Cheese Rolling -Gloucester, UK
This unique festival consists of rolling a wheel of cheese down a hill which is then chased by hundreds of people.  The festival is actually very dangerous and there have been deaths, so police are keen to stop it occurring – they even warned the makers of the cheese wheels.


Haggis Hurling - Worldwide
Haggis hurling started in Scotland and now become a worldwide event. Balls of haggis about the size of grapefruit are hurled as far as 180 feet.  This event has reached as far as Canada and the US.


World Championship Pumpkin' Chunkin' – Brideville, USA
The residents of Bridgeville, in central Delaware USA, have found a new way to make use of the carved pumpkins used for Halloween.  By using a mechanical device these pumpkins are flung as far as a mile away (probably a good day to stay indoors if you live in the local area!)  The day also includes fair rides, a cook-off, live bands and fireworks.

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