Health Technology to Fix All Your Ailments

Since the pandemic there has been an upsurge in health complaints including back pain, reduced sleeping and weight gain to name a few. Many of us have had huge changes to our usual routines and working from home setups contributing to poor posture, aches and pains.  To help you get back to feeling on top of the world, these are our top recommendations to feel good, be well-rested and to stay safe... 


Huawei Honor Band 5  

Monitor your heart rate during workouts to ensure you are burning the maximum amount of calories. The Huawei Honor band 5 gives you a full breakdown after exercising so you can see how many minutes of your workout are in each heart rate zone.  In addition, the sleep monitor tracks the quality of your sleep and gives you advice about how to improve so you feel full of energy in the mornings.  There are plenty of other features including a step counter, Sp02 pulse and oxygen levels, notifications from your phone and you can control the music from your phones from the bands colour touch screen.  You operate the band from the Huawei app which can be used on any smartphone (doesn't have to be Huawei). This easily affordable smartband is as good as some of the high-end smartwatches but without the cost.  You can pick one of these up for around £30.   


Touchpad keyboard 

For anyone that uses a keyboard a lot or that works in an office, this touchpad keyboard is a game-changer.  Wave goodbye to wrist strain, arm pain and shoulder pain caused by micro-movements from using a mouse. The keyboard has an integrated touchpad so it's much more ergonomic, it takes a few minutes to get used to it but there’s no going back once you are converted.  What's more, this keyboard is antibacterial so you can wipe it down and keep it clean with antibacterial wipes - keyboards are one of the dirtiest things in the office with more than 400 times more germs than a toilet seat!  Pick one up for £69. 


UV smartphone sterilizer 

When was the last time you cleaned your phone?  Smartphones are officially one of the dirtiest items we come into contact with every day. With constant touching and infrequent cleaning, smartphones are a breeding ground for germs – and then we press them to our faces, ew!  Keep your smartphone germ free with a UV smartphone sterilizer. The best thing about these cleaners is that they get into all the crevasses killing 99% of germs, and better yet, you can also use them for other small germ-ridden objects like keys, money, jewellery, headphones and iPads. This top pick also has wireless charging, win!  You can get one of these for less than £25. 


Infrared thermometer 

Non-contact thermometers are a must in replace of glass thermometers as the accuracy is far superior, they are quicker and easier to use and there is no risk of breaking glass or mercury poising like traditional thermometers.  Just point and shoot for instant temperature readings.  Perfect for people of all ages and babies too – you can even use it on bathwater to make sure your bath is the perfect temperature.  You can get one of these for under £20. 



An oximeter checks how well your heat pumps oxygen through your body.  It measures the oxygen in the blood and your pulse rate.  These are particularly useful for older people and for those with breathing difficulties.  Pick one up for £7. 


HoMedics Shiatsu Max 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager 

If you feel like you are turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dam from your poor home office set up, this back and neck massager will be a blissful reprieve for your aching muscles. You can lay it over your office chair, sofa or even use it in the car.  With 14 different massage settings, there’s sure to be something you love.  This isn't the cheapest option but it's certainly one of the better ones.  Expect to pay around £150.