How to access free and premium global Wi-Fi hotspots

We now have even more ways for you to stay connected when you travel with our Global Wi-Fi app.  Stay connected when you travel without having to pay for roaming charges or worry about exceeding data limits....

Global WiFi app in a hand

What is it?

Our global Wi-Fi solution is an app that gives you access to 57 million Wi-Fi hotspots across 120 countries, including both free and premium hotspots.  Having access to this app means that as long as you are in a location that we cover you never have to pay roaming charges again.


Where is covered?

This product is best for people travelling to built up destinations.  If you are a business traveller, city traveller, you are travelling to Europe mainland or the US for example, then this will be ideal for you.  If you are an adventure traveller heading to less popular travel destinations and plan on going off the beaten track or heading to a small island then you should definitely check  where is covered before you purchase.

We have Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, in-flight, at hotels, restaurants, cafes, public spaces, trains and more.  You can connect to BT FON hotspots while you are in the street, then we will automatically connect you to Starbucks Wi-Fi when you pop in for a coffee, you get on a train and we will automatically connect you there too, then when you arrive at the airport you don’t need to pay for premium Wi-Fi as that is also included in many airports.  You may also be able to browse the web on your flight as we have 2,700 Wi-Fi hotspots on planes.

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What happens after I have ordered a Wi-Fi pass?

  1. You will get an order confirmation email, this is just for your records so you know that the order has been successful.
  2. You will receive an activation email.  This tells you how to download our global Wi-Fi app.
  3. Once the app is downloaded ensure Wi-Fi is switched on.  You can use the app to see what hotspots are nearby and select any that you want to connect to.
  4. If there are no Wi-Fi hotspots nearby you can use the Wi-Fi finder within the app to locate a hotspot close by.


How do I get global WiFi access?

You can purchase the WiFi pass for 1 month, or if you buy and international SIM card you can get up to 6 months free global Wi-Fi with it for free, the more credit you add the longer the duration of the global Wi-Fi pass.  All Wi-Fi passes are valid on 3 different devices. As soon as you purchase the Wi-Fi pass will be active so you can start browsing immediately.



How do I download it on different devices?

From the activation email, down the app on each device you want to use the Wi-Fi pass on.


Get global WiFi access now!