10 Reasons Mexico Should Be Your Next Travel Destination...

Mexico has many amazing things to do and places to see; the diverse landscape changes from beaches, to jungle, to arid backdrops. There are hundreds of things to do during your trip to Mexico, here are our top 10...

  1. Teotihuacan was built by a new civilisation and it consists of massive pyramids that are awe inspiring. There is the pyramid of the sun and the smaller pyramid of the moon both of which were honoured by the Aztecs.  It is once again a place of wonders and mystery that leave tourists wanting more.

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  2. Acapulco is a popular resort that used to be home to the rich and famous. As well as being a stunning and beautiful place to visit there is one thing that every person has to experience whilst there – Cliff Diving.  Cliff diving has been happening there since the 1930’s and it is still a magnificent sight to see today.

  3. Hidden away in the mountains is the stunning colonial city of Guanajuato. Built next to an affluent silver mining area in the 16th century, this city consists of amazing Haciendas and colonial buildings. With underground tunnels the city is easy to navigate whilst there are alleyways bursting with colour. This is a beautiful place to visit to see the old Mexico.

  4. Another city known for the best Dia de Los Muertos festivals is Oaxaca. The festival is thousands of years old and is known as the day of the dead festival. For any traveller this is a way of seeing how the Mexicans continue a tradition that links back to the Zapotec and Aztec cultures.

  5. For those who enjoy Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Cozumel is a must.  It is known as one of the best diving areas in the world and was discovered in 1959 by Jacques Cousteau. It is now a National Marine Park and consists of spectacular coral reefs and colourful tropical fish.

  6. If a livelier atmosphere is required then Los Cabos and its 20 mile beach is perfect. With restaurants and Bars and famous water sports it is ideal for those who enjoy later evenings or for those who enjoy excitement at sea it is known as one of the best locations for sport fishing in the world.

  7. Mexico is known for its history and Palenque is an archaeological site that was positioned on the western side of the old Maya Empire. It is known for its amazing architecture and sculptures, some of which are the finest ever made by the Maya.  Most of the structures in Palenque date from 600 Ad to 800 AD.

  8. The Copper Canyon is a sight of natural beauty and it is a number of canyons that come together and are many times larger than the Grand Canyon. The best way to experience the canyons is by train, and with the 37 bridges, 86 tunnels and views, this is a breath-taking experience.

  9. Tulum is positioned on the east coast and was once a major port for Coba a Mayan City. Built in 1200 AD just as the Mayan civilisation was weakening it is not as special as other Mayan sites. However, there tropical beach is stunning and has to be seen. A popular destination with some fantastic accommodation that cannot be ignored.

  10. One of the “new” 7 wonders of the world, Chichen Itza with its famous temple-pyramid of El Castillo. The pyramid has 91 steps and an astronomical link and is a spectacular site. There is also the Great Ballcourt and El Caracol which is a circular temple that was once an observatory. History and architecture that come together to give an insight into the Mayan world.


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