The Weird and the Wonderful – Introducing the World You Didn’t Know Existed

If you’re bored of the same old holiday destinations, you’re going to love these exciting ideas; they are truly one of a kind.  The world is filled with plenty of oddities including bleeding icebergs, yellow spotty lakes and towns where people live underground!  Seriously.  Check out some of these weird world wonders…

A Trip to Hell
Located in the Kara-Kum desert in Turkmenistan lies a small village called Darvaza where the locals lovingly refer to this natural phenomenon as The Gate to Hell.  In 1971 a sinkhole swallowed the earth, which happened to be filled with natural gas.  In fear of poisoning the town, some smarty-pants thought it would be best to ignite the gas to keep the people safe.  Unfortunately, it’s an infinite gas chamber so it turns out we are just burning resources of which the planet is running short of – and it’s been burning for over 40 years!


The Real Rolling Stones
Death Valley, California, is home to rocks that mysteriously travel long distances, randomly changing directions.  These ‘rolling stones’ have been something of interest to scientists for some time.  Often creating trials with perfect right angles and leaving visible tracks, their strange behavior is thought to be wind but there is no scientific conclusion confirming this.  Scientists won’t leave any stone unturned :)



 The Town Underground
Cooper Pedy, the opal capital of the world, is a small Australian town located halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs.  Here about 80% of the people live underground in small dug outhouses – this may sound unpleasant but on the contrary, the rose rock walls and beautiful features make these little houses quite spectacular.  You’ll find pretty much everything underground; shops, churches, swimming pools – and even underground camping!


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If you have a weird and wonderful destination please share it with us!