The 7 Best Attractions in Berlin

Berlin is known for its history and its parties, but there is plenty more to Berlin.  Here are a few things not to miss while you are there...

East Side Gallery

Despite its name, the east side gallery isn't actually a gallery, its the longest remaining part of the Berlin wall which has been painted with many different art pieces. The wall is quite long, if you get off at Ostbanhof station you can stroll along both sides of the wall.

Cat Cafe

Enjoy a coffee and a cat at the cat cafe. Feline friends are happy to accompany you while you get your caffeine fix. You can find Pee Pee's Katzencafe on Thomasstrasse.

Breaking Mozart

This highly entertaining theatre production showcases some of Mozart's musical masterpieces in a fresh and unique way. Listen to classic pieces with an infusion of breakdancing and beatboxing. This show is at the Wintergarten and is well worth a visit.


Packed with shops and large open spaces, Alexanderplatz is one of the central stations, with several shopping centers and loads of great restaurants there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Holocaust Memorial

This unusual memorial creates a surreal landscape as you walk amongst its block formations which vary in size, in memory of all the lives that were lost. The memorial is closest to Potsdamer Platz station.


Panoramic Observation Deck

Although not particularly high, the observation deck not far from Potsdamer Platz station gives great views across the city, there is also a lovely restaurant and bar so you can take in the sights from the sky.

Potsdam Castle

Located about 30 minutes from the city center, Potsdam Castle is an impressive building beautifully located around a Riverside park. Walk the impressive manicured gardens and marvel at 17th-century architecture. In Germany, you get great low-cost rates on calls, SMS, and data with your WorldSIM travel SIM card.


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