Best Travel Destinations for Food Lovers

From the peanut pad Thai’s of Bangkok’s bustling Khaosan Road and the spicy curries of the Indian Sub-continent, to the sprawling meat platters of the Polish mountain folk and the earthy creations of Italy, this list of the world’s top foodie destinations is sure to get the taste buds tingling and the travel feet itching—so proceed at your own risk!


Often ignored on the gourmand’s global itinerary is Poland; a place of salted sausages, bubbling żurek soups and cheese-laden pierogi dumplings. Be sure to head down south to the mountains too, where smoked sheep cheese is barbequed beneath the snow-tipped peaks of the Tatras.


Morocco is the place to go for the best Berber cuisine on the planet. That means fragrant tagine pots served in the midst of ancient medina towns, herbal teas to boot, and some of North Africa’s freshest fish.


If you like your food fresh—and let’s face it, who doesn’t?—then Jamaica has promises aplenty. Stroll down to Negril in the morning picking fresh plums from the boughs above, before settling in one of the island’s rustic bamboo joints for a dose of fried saltfish and ackee, washed down with a shot of rum.

New Zealand

Nowhere in the world does surf and turf like New Zealand, where Pacific Ocean oysters rub shoulders with highlander lamb cuts in the restaurants, and the traditions of old Maori cooking still stand strong. And then there are the wines to wash it all down with; pouring out from the cellar doors of Otago in the south.


From the vegetarian biryanis of southern Kerala, to the thali platters of the Uttar Pradesh and the spicy, smoked fish cuts of Nagaland, India’s cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most varied and enticing in the world. Just be prepared for the aftermath!

Thailand (obviously!)

No self-respecting foodie would miss out on Bangkok, with its inebriating array of earthy street food outlets, selling everything from coconut masaman to the iconic pad Thai noodles to barbequed critters on sticks. Okay, maybe the last one doesn’t sound that great, but no one can deny it’s adventurous!


Yes, Italy gave us pizza and pasta, and there’s no denying that those crispy bases are at their best when served straight from the wood ovens of Napoli, but the land of the Romans also touts a rustic kitchen of saffron risottos, fresh Adriatic fish catches, aromatic coffees and Ligurian pesto, making it unquestionably one of the top foodie destinations on the planet!


Everyone loves a Mexican night, but what about the real thing? We’re talking oodles of the freshest guacamole and dollops of chilli-laden salsa, all stuffed into rustic enchilada breads or crispy tacos and washed down with a potent tequila cocktail. Don’t mind if we do!


Hailed by many as the food capital of the world, France is a land of gooey blue cheeses, pungent onion soups, crusty baguettes, curious escargot, crispy frogs’ legs, the Périgord Truffle and—of course—the eponymous French fry. And then there’s the wine, with everywhere from Provence in the south to Champagne in the north churning out enticing bottles of red, white and rose to boot.

What destination would you add?