Travel Myths Debunked

With so many myths around travelling, this blog post aims to set the record straight!...

Myth: Traveling is expensive:
Truth: Traveling used to be outside of many people’s reach, however, with so many low cost airlines and last minute deals available online, it has never been cheaper to travel. Making use of the online comparison engines will also enable you to make significant savings on travel costs.

Myth: You need access to free Wi-Fi.
This isn’t the case. A Wi-Fi hotspot will provide portable, wireless Internet on the go; it is an affordable investment that will enable you to get Internet access on the move without falling afoul of data roaming charges.

Myth: it’s not safe to travel alone

Truth: There is often a perception that it is unsafe to travel alone, however, by using common sense, taking safety precautions, and avoiding known problem areas, you can help to ensure that you keep safe on your travels.

Myth: It involves too much planning
Truth: advises against planning too much as there will be times when you travel when things often don’t go to plan. Don’t let yourself get weighed down with the planning; try and go with the flow.  If you want to do a bit of a plan Pinterest is a simple and exciting way to do it.  See how.

Myth: You need to learn the language
Truth: While it might be advantageous to know some of the basics of foreign language before you head overseas, many people find that they can survive with a bit of basic knowledge and often depend on gestures, etc. to communicate.

Myth: Using your phone abroad is too expensive

Truth: If you don’t have a roaming solution in place and just take your contract phone, yes, it will cost you a fortune – don’t do it! Grab a travel SIM card and get free international roaming, cheap worldwide data and cheap calls practically wherever you go.  If you are heading to a less traveled far-flung destination, rates might not be as cheap as Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA but where ever you are traveling always check the rates first.  Pay as you go solution means you can’t overspend.

Myth: Travelling is too dangerous
Truth: While there will no doubt be dangers out there, many of these can be avoided by speaking to local people or by doing some basic research online and finding out the areas to avoid. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office gives detailed safety advice for more than two hundred territories; it can be viewed here.

Myth: Air flights are a breeding ground for germs
Truth: Pilot Patrick Smith explains that the air on an airplane is much cleaner than the air people breathe in crowded locations. When passengers are on board a flight they are always surrounded by a mix of fresh and recycled air. Moreover, the air in airplanes is constantly moving and not stagnant as some people believe.

Myth: New Year is a bad time to travel
Truth: There is a myth that travelling at New Year and New Year’s Eve can be particularly dangerous, largely because more people have been out drinking, plus the roads might be more dangerous because of bad weather conditions, however, as makes clear, public safety campaigns mean that people are much more careful now and it is actually more dangerous to travel on December 23 because of people keen to get home and dashing about to get last-minute gifts.

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