How to Reduce Roaming Charges Using a Virtual Number

No one wants to be uncontactable on their existing mobile number while they are traveling internationally – nor do you want to incur thousands in roaming charges!  Adding a virtual number to your SIM can eliminate roaming charges and ensure you remain contactable when you travel.

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Usually when you travel overseas you will be charged if you answer any calls, make any calls and if you don’t switch off your data roaming services.  These roaming charges can cost more than the trip itself so it’s important to have some kind of roaming solution in place to make sure you keep international roaming fees to a bare minimum.  Here is how to add a virtual number to your SIM so you can be contacted on your existing mobile number, without roaming fees.

What is a Virtual Number
A virtual number is a local number, i.e. a London landline number, a New York landline number or a Paris landline number.  It is a number for a particular city that is attached to your existing mobile number so people can call you on either number if they wish.


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How to Avoid Roaming Charges by Using a Virtual Number
Like most people, you are probably on a contract with free minutes included.  In which case there are two simple steps to follow:

1.    Add a local virtual phone number of the country you live in, to your SIM card.
2.    Forward your existing mobile calls to your virtual number, as this is a local call it should be free but always check with your operator first!

When someone calls your regular mobile number, they will be redirected to your virtual number, which in turn will be routed to your WorldSIM.  Your WorldSIM gives you free incoming calls in over 95 countries, so as long as you are in one of these countries, you will only pay a small charge to receive calls on your regular number, most destinations this is about 10p/15 US cents (see the full rates here).

What countries can I get a Virtual Number for?
Currently, we offer virtual numbers in over 50 countries, covering most of Europe and beyond.  Remember your WorldSIM comes as standard with the UK and USA number.  You can add as many virtual numbers as you like, there is no limit to how many you want on your International SIM.  Once you have a virtual number you can both make and receive calls ion that number as well, if you wish.