Get Unlimited Multiple Numbers From 45 Different Countries On One SIM

With this week’s launch of our new virtual numbers service you can add phone numbers from over 45 different countries to your WorldSIM SIM card, here are a few ways you can use this to your benefit:

Receive calls on your regular mobile number – without paying for roaming.
If you live in one of the 45 countries we offer virtual numbers for, you can add a virtual number for the country you live in, to your WorldSIM.  Simply forward your regular number to this virtual number (as it’s a local number your mobile network will generally include this in your inclusive minutes – but always check with them first!)  Your friends, family and business contacts can then call you as normal, which will forward to your virtual number so as long as you are in one of the 90 countries we offer free roaming in, you can answer calls from £0.10p / $0.15 cents per minute.

Do business worldwide and look local
Maybe you are trying to secure a business deal outside your country of residence, or you need to be seen as being local.  Simply add a phone number from over 45 different countries and you can make and receive calls from the phone number of the country you choose.  Business contacts will presume you are in the same country when in fact you can be anywhere.  Read more about our SIM cards for businesses.

Make it easier for friends and family
If you are traveling internationally to see friends and family you can add a virtual number of the country you are travelling to.  This means that your friends and family can have the convenience of calling you on a local number rather than on your international number.  You will pay to receive the call but rates are low – check the tariffs beforehand so you know what to expect.

In order to use our virtual number service you will need to have a registered WorldSIM SIM card.  Find out more about our travel SIM cards.