The Many Wonders of Turkey

Turkey is one of those destinations that has it all, the culture, the food, the entertainment, and the natural wonders.  It’s an amazing place to see and there are so many destinations that you will fall in love with, here are a few of them…

Fethiye –Olympus
Take a 4-day sailing trip from Fethiye to Olympus and enjoy the stunning scenery while making regular stops to discover some interesting coastal towns.  Snorkel amongst ruins, see mountain goats hopping the hills and dance the night away at a local town.  When you finally disembark at Olympus you can explore ruins, hit the beach and then take a night trek up a hill to see flames coming out of rocks, caused by natural gasses.

Pumakale is home to stunning calcium formations which over time have become a series of small calcium pools.  At sundown, the whole area turns pink and the reflections in the pools will take your breath away.  At the top of the hill, there are some ancient ruins and an amphitheater that make an interesting stroll.  There are many mineral pools in the area that you are able to swim in.

Cappadocia was created by ancient volcanic eruptions which have resulted in strange rock formations all over the area. Over time, people have made these rock formations into homely caves and even today many people still live in them.  It’s like a real-life version of The Flintstones.

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