Countries With the Worst Internet in the World

Relying on free WiFi is something that international travelers are forced to do in the majority of destinations due to the extortionate costs of data roaming.  Unfortunately, that also means sometimes having to deal with slack foreign internet speeds - here are the top 5 worst destinations for WiFi!...

Counties with Poor Internet Connection

Perhaps a little surprisingly economic super-giant India also garners a look-in on this list, even though it’s slowly emerging as one of the planet’s major tech giants. With that in mind and a whole host of other communications investments set for the future, don’t expect this one to languish here long!

Nestled in the panhandle of West Africa, Nigeria hails in with another of the world’s super slow internet connections. That means, despite efforts from the government to improve communications infrastructure here with satellite technology and the like, it’s still a place you may want to think about taking your own data roaming gadgets to.


While Jakarta may be booming forth in an explosion of modern big business, the rest of Indonesia seems to be lagging a little behind—literally! In fact, it’s estimated that just shy of 20% of households with internet access here are still suffering from 256Kb connections, while it’s also thought that many of the rural areas in places like Sumatra and the Nusa Tenggara have no internet facilities at all!

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If you’re thinking about heading to the mysterious wilds of Central Asia this year, to case out the rolling steppe of the Kazakh mountains or the summit-shrouded streets of bustling Almaty, then you may want to think about grabbing a wireless router for internet on the go, because this former Soviet satellite state is a frequent chart-topper on lists of the world’s slowest web speeds.

Surely Nepal gets a free pass on this one? After all, the vast majority of its backcountry is dominated by the mighty rises of the Himalaya, which is hardly somewhere that needs speedy internet shopping facilities or access to Facebook! Still, Kathmandu could do better, with an estimated 32% of inhabitants there still languishing at 256 kbps.

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