International SIM Card

The WorldSIM International SIM Card

Unlike many other mobile networks who will charge you a fortune to answer your phone abroad, WorldSIM have hundreds of roaming partners across the globe so we can offer you free incoming calls in over 90 countries. These partnerships enable our customers to benefit from greatly reduced calls, SMS and data in all the popular travel destinations.

A SIM card with 3 Uses

Our SIM card is unique and has three distinct uses – use it one way or all three…

  • A travel SIM – Get free international roaming and worldwide coverage
  • Cheap international calls – Make international phone calls from just 1p per minute
  • A pay as you go SIM – Our rates are about a third of the cost of the leading mobile networks



With international calls from 1 per minute you can talk for longer, more often. Get low cost rates around the world from one global SIM card. Staying in contact with friends, family and business contacts abroad doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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With big network operators you could pay £1.30 just to receive a call while abroad. Our travel SIM enables you to receive calls for free in over 90 countries. In countries where roaming isn’t free it’s greatly reduced and costs from as little as 20 per min.

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If you are a pay as you go user with one of the big network providers, it’s likely that you are paying 25p per minute, or more, for UK calls. Our global SIM gives you UK calls at just 7p per minute. We have simplified our prices so you pay one price for all your UK calls and text messages.

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What you get with your WorldSIM international SIM card

The technology within our SIM is unlike any other SIM card around. Although our SIM costs £29.99, the amount of amount of value you get from the greatly reduced call costs, data and SMS make it well worth it – plus you get free international roaming in 90 countries. This saves you up to 85% on mobile calls both while you’re in the UK and when you travel.


(Includes £10 credit)


We combine many aspects into one SIM card

  1. Cheap International calls - Get rates from 1per minute.
  2. Free International roaming in 90 countries.
  3. Our UK pays as you go rates are about 65% cheaper than the leading mobile networks.
  4. No other SIM card provides such great value, plus our SIM comes pre-loaded with £10 credit so you can start using it immediately, without having to register.
  5. There is no monthly top up requirement and the SIM will only expire if you haven't used it for 12 months.
  6. Get an UK number and a US number on the same SIM.


40 different countries to choose from

Our innovative service enables you to make and receive calls on a USA and UK phone number - this comes as standard on our International SIM. You can also choose to add phone numbers from over 40 countries if you wish. This means you can be contacted like a local wherever you are and receive calls on your existing number without the roaming fees.


More features...

Pay As You Go

No line rental, no set up charges and no hidden costs. All you pay is the cost of the SIM card, the calls, texts & data you use. Unlike other SIM cards that expire in 90 days, with WorldSIM your SIM card will remain active for a full 365 days since the last activity on the SIM.

Top up anytime, anywhere

Easily manage your top up balance at anytime and anywhere in the world via our website. Alternatively you can call 154 from your WorldSIM. You can also top up in over 40,000 shops in the UK where you see the PayPoint logo.

Premium quality voice calls

WorldSIM do not compromise on voice quality in order to bring you low rates. We use Tier 1 carriers for crystal clear calls!

Manage your account 24/7

Manage your account online. You can see exactly how much you've spent and all calls are logged so you know straight away how much you have left in your account.

Works in all unlocked mobile handsets.

Compatible with all unlocked GSM mobile handsets, you can use your WorldSIM roaming SIM card in any handset or tablet that accepts normal or micro SIM cards. (Not compatible with the iPhone 5).

Roam abroad with your existing number

If you have a regular mobile number that you use but still want to benefit from free roaming, simply divert your regular number to your WorldSIM roaming SIM before travelling. We offer FREE call forwarding to most places in the world. Find out more.

Multiple mobile numbers on one SIM card

Your WorldSIM travel SIM comes with a UK (+44) mobile number as standard which you can use across the world. In addition you can also request a USA (+1) mobile number. Calls & SMS can be received on both numbers at any time. (See call charges). WorldSIM will offer more country numbers in the near future.

FREE call forwarding to most places in the world

You can redirect most incoming calls to any fixed line or mobile phone number you select for FREE. See call forwarding rates here.


Who is it suitable for?

Pay as you go customers

UK pay as you go calls can be greatly reduced with our SIM card. Compare our rates with your existing provider and see how much you can save. On average our rates are about a third of the cost of the big providers.

International Callers

Forget calling cards with their long-winded dialling processes; get great rates worldwide with your WorldSIM SIM card.

Leisure Traveller

Keep in touch with family and friends back home for a fraction of the price and enable them to reach you on a UK number wherever you are travelling.
Cost to call WorldSIM.

Back Packers

 Rather than purchase a local SIM in every country, or pay hefty charges just to answer calls when you are abroad, our roaming SIM card ensures you are local, wherever you are travelling.

Business Travellers

If you travel a lot on business, or have a business with employees that travel regularly, you can save on calls costs with this international solution.


Benefit from being able to be contacted on a UK or USA number, without paying for roaming. Call home for less and stay in contact without the hassle.
Cost to call WorldSIM.

Second Home Owners

One SIM can ensure you can be easily contacted as well as benefit from low cost calls whether you’re at home, or away.

Travel Professionals

Our roaming SIM is ideal for cabin crew, pilots, and tourism professionals who regularly travel from one country to another.

What Our Users Say…


"WorldSIM has cut my corporate roaming bills by over 70%, without compromising on quality. We now have over 25 of our staff using WorldSIM."

James Richardson – Cubic Realestate


I love your WorldSIM cards. I got one on British Airways Flight and I am very impressed that finally I do not need to change SIM cards all over the World. Easy to top up and easy to use.

Mr Santo Porpiglia


"I have been using WorldSIM for over 3 years and would recommend it to anyone and everyone looking to reduce their roaming charges."

Royanta – Goldman Sachs


"Since moving over to WorldSIM we have saved 1000s of dollars on our roaming changes."

Amir Salaam – Kaizen Developments