The downsides of business travel and how to fix them

Business travel has its upsides; not being confined to the same space, exploring new places and adding holiday days either side of planned business travel to get a free break. Unfortunately it also has many down sides; long days, it’s hard to stay healthy and it can be really stressful.  Luckily there is always a way to have everything you ever dreamed of and more, you just need to find a solution for each of your problems and we have done that for you (you’re welcome!) Here are all the fixes you need to love travelling on business, all the time….

 The pros and cons of business travel

Don’t have enough time

Business travel can be very time consuming which can leave you feeling constantly busy both at work and in your personal life.  Rather than trying to be superman/woman just outsource your life.  Freelancer sites like People per Hour can help you with both personal and work tasks… finding where to go on your next holiday, doing some research for you or putting together a presentation for you.  Whatever you can outsource, do, it will free up your time to do the things you are best at (like just being you).


Tired all the time

New surroundings and long trips will take the wind out of anyone.  Invest in some noise cancelling headphones to block out all the external sound and try to relax.  Use a guided meditation app – even 5 minutes of this will help.  Once you are relaxed you will find it easier to sleep wherever you are.  Whenever you are feeling drained, have a go on your 5 minute mediation app and take a time out to do something enjoyable even if it’s for 10 minutes.

 International SIM card

It can be hard to stay connected when you need

Answering your phone when you travel can cost you a fortune, the hotel WiFi is often so slow is barely useable and when you are out and about you need to find somewhere with free WiFi in order to get online. There are two options; get a dual SIM phone and international SIM card – this resolves the annoyance of having to switch SIM cards.  You can reduce roaming charges by up to 95%, get free incoming calls when you travel and you can add a virtual number so you can be contacted on your regular business mobile number.  The second option is a mobile hotspot; just insert a prepaid SIM local SIM with loads of data or use a worldwide data SIM card, switch it on and start browsing the internet anywhere in the world for the lowest possible price.  You can use calling and texting apps like What’s app and Skype to stay in contact by phone and text.


Trying to stay healthy

Without knowing the area you are in it's hard to know where to eat healthy and with all the stress of business travel trying to fit in exercise can also be a challenge.  Investing in a fitness band or smartwatch with fitness tracker can help you ensure you increase your daily steps and remind you if you are sitting still for too long.  Just increasing your daily step count can help you stay in shape.  It’s not important to look amazing but it is important to look after your health and keep strong to avoid injuries. Read this blog on staying fit with a smart watch.


Trying to manage your workload as well as meetings while traveling

Trying to stay productive on the move can be a challenge but it’s all about structure and good habits which are hard to keep when you are away from home.  Instead of trying to keep your home habits and routines how about planning separate ones for when you travel, that way you can create flexible plans that can adapt to each situation.  Use waiting times at the airport and on planes etc to get tasks done.  You can invest in a global WiFi pass so you can get WiFi in-flight and at the airport.  Make sure you save all the files you need before you travel and have a copy of a To-Do list in order of importance.  You can also use your international SIM card to make all your call while you wait.

 Stress free business travel

You feel stressed (or might not know that you are)

What with the waiting around, delays and heavy workload you are likely to be stressed, even if you aren’t aware of it.  When stressed, even if it’s a little, we are less productive and don’t think as clearly so it’s vital for you to take time out and enjoy yourself.  This might be reading a book, watching a movie, sightseeing, walking on the beach or going to see a show.  Having a glass of wine to wind down doesn’t count as de-stressing! Try and have a time out at least once in the day and once in the evening (that’s the bare minimum).  This way you will get more done, feel better and have more energy.


You miss home

There’s not much you can do about this apart from Skype home every night so make sure you have a decent data connection or use your mobile hotspot (above).


Home misses you

You will be missed just as much as you miss home, possibly more.  You can send cute postcards of yourself in different places, from your phone in minutes, with an app called TouchNote.  Postcards are sent locally so they should always arrive home before you do.  It’s always nice to let people know how much they mean to you and often it’s the little things that mean the most.  Seeing the smiles on the recipient’s faces will also make you feel great.


You’re away a lot so you don’t see friends and family much

Organize a big fun gathering with all your friends and family, even if its once a year.  This could be some fun games in the park, a BBQ or a few drinks.  You can outsource this task too – get someone on People Per Hour to research where you can get a free function room and what activities you could do for fun. 


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