5 Free Holiday Apps That Won’t Use Your Data

To help you save on costs – and to make your holiday that little bit easier, here 5 essential Android apps…


Find Hidden Gems
What to do Where to go?  Guidepal’s city guide tells you all you need to know about the sights and attractions in 50 major cities across the world so you can find the coolest spots.  Just make the destination of your choice available offline and you will have access to maps, bar and restaurant reviews, attraction costs and opening times and even where to shop.

The Perfect Picture
Take pictures like a pro with the Cameran app.  Use filters and special effects to enhance colors and create spectacularly artistic photos.

Stop Getting Lost
Before you travel you can select the whole of the area you are planning on visiting and make it available offline. No more getting lost when you travel – and no more credit wasted on data roaming so you can find your way back to your hotel.

Talk the Talk
Forget about language barriers and attempting to read a menu in a language you don’t understand - Google translate can be made to use offline and can be a huge savior when communicating across borders becomes too difficult.  Now you can speak 70 different languages (well, your phone can – but that’s almost as good!)

Pay the Right Price
Some currencies can be particularly awkward to convert and you could end up paying more than you think.  The XE currency converter will ensure that you always the right price.


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